The Most Dangerous States In Brazil

Brazil, although renowned for its natural beauty, also possesses a reputation for danger.
Brazil, although renowned for its natural beauty, also possesses a reputation for danger.

Brazil, although renowned for its natural beauty, also possesses a reputation for danger. In a country where the crime rate is four times that of the United States, kidnappings, robberies, and rape are also not unheard of. A new crime called quicknapping has also emerged, where a victim is abducted for a short amount of time until a payoff is done, preferably by a short trip to the ATM machine. Other contributors to violence within the country are gang violence and a strong rift between the wealthy and poor classes.

Overview Of Crime In Brazil

Brazil had a per capita murder rate of 25.2 per 100,000 people in 2015, in that same year the country suffered a total of 50,108 murders. According to another study done in 2015, the murder rate in Brazil stood at 32.4 per 100,000 with 64,357 homicides. Brazil is not only a big player in the international drug channel, but also a high importer of cocaine, marijuana, and artillery. Murder rates in Brazil rapidly went up during the late 2000s. Rio de Janeiro reported the lowest murder rate in 2008 which was an 18 year record. The municipality of Diadema also experienced a decline in crime rates. Between 1979 and 2003 there were more than half a million people who had died as a result of gun violence, according to a report done by the UN in 2005. More than half of the victims of death by firearm violence were aged between 15 and 24 years.

Types Of Crimes In Brazil

Besides the aforementioned crime types, there are many other types of crime in Brazil that contribute to its reputation.Carjacking is a common crime in Brazil's major cities, and public festivals such as the Carnival offer the opportune moment for criminals to target visitors together with local citizens. Bag snatching and pick pocketing are also a common type of crime with thieves who mostly operate in busy areas. Gang violence has become a social crisis in Brazil, mainly affecting the nation's youth. In Brazil, gang members use children to commit crimes as their prison sentences are short. Most gangs target law enforcement officials and other authorities together with rival gangs. Sao Paulo is most common area for outbreaks of violence in all of Brazil.

Domestic Violence

In Brazil, about 10-15 women are killed every day. According to a study sponsored by the Brazilian government, about 41,532 women were murdered in the country between the years of 1997 to 2007.

The Top Three Most Dangerous States In Brazil

Alagoas located in the northeast region of Brazil is the most dangerous state in the country in terms of murder rate, with a homicide crime rate of 64.6 per 100,000 as of 2012. Next is the state of Espirito Santo with a crime rate of 47.3 per 100,000. Ceara is the third most dangerous state in Brazil with a crime rate of 44.6 homicides per population of 100,000.

The Most Dangerous States In Brazil

RankState/RegionHomicide Rate (homicides per 100,000, 2012)
1 Alagoas64.6
2 Espírito Santo47.3
3 Ceará44.6
4 Goiás44.3
5 Bahia41.9
6 Sergipe41.8
7 Pará41.7
8 Paraíba40.1
9 Distrito Federal38.9
10 Pernambuco37.1
11 Amazonas36.7
12 Amapá35.9
13 Roraima35.4
14 Rio Grande do Norte34.7
15 Mato Grosso34.3
16 Rondônia32.9
17 Paraná32.7
18 Rio de Janeiro28.3
19 Acre27.5
20 Mato Grosso do Sul27.1
21 Tocantins26.2
22 Maranhão26.0
23 Minas Gerais22.8
24 Rio Grande do Sul21.9
25 Piauí17.2
26 São Paulo15.1
27 Santa Catarina12.8

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