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The Longest Coastlines in Asia

A list of Asian countries by the length of their coastlines.

A coastline is a thin piece of land that neighbors the sea along a continent or island. It keeps deforming and reshaping, meaning that its features are always different. There are continents with some of the longest coastlines, for example, Asia which is among the largest continents worldwide. It covers about a third of earth’s mass of land and is located to the north of the equator. Isthmus of Suez gives Asia a connection to Africa, and along the Ural Mountains, it borders Europe. Asia has coastlines in the north, east, and in the south. The coastline in the north is at the Arctic Ocean and to the east is at the Pacific Ocean, and finally, the coastline in the south is at the Indian Ocean. Here are some of the longest coastlines in Asia.

Longest Coastlines in Asia


Indonesia, aside from being the largest island nation globally, is said to be the country in Asia with the longest coastline, covering about 54,720 kilometers. The coastline is said to be third longest worldwide, and it is covered with mangrove in some parts. It also has some of the most amazing beaches like Bali that is visited by tourists from all over the world.


Russia is second in line with a coastline of 37,653 km in length. Its coastline is the fourth longest coastline globally.

The Philippines

The Philippines is found in the south-east of Asia, and its coastline is the third longest with the length of 36,289 km. The coastline is rated fifth longest worldwide and is filled with gulfs and bays.


The fourth longest coastline in Asia, which is the sixth longest globally, is found in Japan. It has a length of 29,751 kilometers and it contains natural harbors formed due to a long thin coastline that has a shallow inlet.


China comes in fifth in Asia and tenth worldwide, as its coastline is 14,500 kilometers while India is sixth in Asia with a coastline of 7,500 kilometers long.

Effects of the Coastlines

Asia has been proved to have the biggest number of countries with long coastlines. Such countries include Indonesia, Russia, Philippines, Japan, and China. Coastlines have formed some culture, and economic benefit from activities such as trading, fishing, and shipping take place around them. As much as this is good for business and tourists, countries that have long coastlines may be facing threats. For instance, sea levels are increasing leading to effects of global warming. If the water levels of the sea start rising, it will be dangerous to the cities being hosted by the mentioned countries and ignorance will lead to disastrous effects.

The Longest Coastlines in Asia

RankCountryLength of Coastline (Km)

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