The Largest International Airports in Ireland

Dublin Airport is the largest airport in Ireland by annual passenger count.
Dublin Airport is the largest airport in Ireland by annual passenger count.

Ireland is an island situated in the North Atlantic. Regarding transport, Ireland has evolved over the years, and it is now home to various airports. Some of the major airports found in this country include the Dublin Airport found outside the Irish capital of Dublin in County Fingal, and the Shannon Airport in County Clare among other airports. The major airports of Ireland are as described below.

Ireland's Three Largest Airports

Dublin Airport

In Ireland, the Dublin airport is ranked as the most significant and busiest airport in the country. The airport is estimated to be serving approximately 29.5 million passengers per year, making it the busiest airport in Ireland. Also, according to 2017 statistics, this airport was ranked as the fourteenth busiest airport in the entire of Europe. Dublin Airport is said to be the busiest airport in Ireland since it is located in the capital city of this country, Dublin city. Substantial traffic levels also characterize the Dublin Airport, and it has the largest traffic levels in Ireland.

Cork Airport

As its name suggests, this airport is located in Cork city, and it is the second largest airport in Ireland after the Dublin airport. In 2017, Cork airport is said to have served approximately 2.3 million passengers making it the second busiest airport in the state of Ireland regarding passenger numbers. Due to the location of this airport, it is mostly affected by fog and low cloud ceiling. Since its opening in 1961, Cork airport has been operated by the Department of Transport and Power, which is currently the Department of Transport.

Shannon Airport

Shannon airport is also one of the largest international airports in Ireland. The location of this airport is the city of Shannon. In 2017, this airport is known to have served around 1.75 million passengers and thus making it the third-busiest airport in Ireland after Dublin and the Cork airport. Since its establishment in 1942, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) was operating Shannon airport. However, in 2012, the Shannon airport announced its departure from DAA, and it became publicly owned by the Shannon Airport Authority. Due to its location on the Shannon Estuary, this airport is more likely prone to dangers of rising sea levels and high waters. Therefore, the government of Ireland is working hard to ensure that such incidents are correctly controlled.

Significance of Airports in Ireland

These airports have played a key role in improving the transport standards of Ireland. Ireland has been well connected to Europe through the Dublin and the Cork airports. Through these airports, flying to the United Kingdom has been made easier, making the United Kingdom the most flown state from Ireland.

The Largest International Airports in Ireland

Rank´╗┐AirportAnnual Passenger Count
1Dublin Airport29,582,308
2Cork Airport2,308,507
3Shannon Airport1,751,500

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