The Highest Peaks in Montana

Granite Peak is located in Park County, Montana.
Granite Peak is located in Park County, Montana.

Located in the northwestern US, Montana is one of the country’s nine Mountain States. Montana covers an area of 380,800 square km, making it the fourth biggest state in the nation. The major mountain ranges are found in the western part of the state, while smaller island ranges are scattered in other parts of the state. Several of these mountain ranges are part of the Rocky Mountains. A list of the tallest peaks in Montana is provided below.

1. Granite Peak

The 12,799 ft tall Granite Peak is Montana’s highest peak. Located in Park County, the peak is part of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Climbing the peak is a challenging task, and is considered the second most difficult after Alaska's Mount Denali, which is the highest point in North America. The peak was first summited on August 29, 1923, after several previous failed attempts. Climbers of Granite Peak face great technical difficulties, harsh weather conditions, and route finding challenges.

2. Granite Peak-Northwest Peak

The 12,750 ft tall Granite Peak-Northwest Peak, also known as Peak 12745, is sometimes regarded as the second tallest peak in Montana. However, since it has a prominence of only over 300 ft, it is often left out of the list of Montana’s tallest peaks, as it is not considered to be a distinct peak. Instead, it is sometimes regarded as a sub-peak of Granite Peak massif. It is also a part of the Beartooth Mountains, and only 0.64 km away from Montana’s tallest peak.

3. Mount Wood

The 12,660 ft tall Mount Wood is the third highest peak in Montana. Mount Wood is the highest summit of the Granite Range, and is located within the limits of Custer National Forest. The peak is one of the least frequently attempted in the area due to an arduous climb to the summit and its relative remoteness. Mount Wood is usually climbed in one long day or a couple of days if one chooses to rest in a camp. The top of the mountain offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountainous landscape.

4. Mount Wood-West Peak

Mount Wood-West Peak is 12,649 ft tall and can be regarded as the fourth tallest summit in Montana. However, the peak has a prominence of only 129 ft, which sometimes obscures its identity as a distinct peak. However, the Mount Wood-East Peak, on the other hand, has a higher prominence of 2860 ft, which makes it a distinct peak.

5. Castle Mountain

The 12,612 ft tall Castle Mountain is the fifth tallest peak in Montana and has a prominence of 2652 ft. The peak is part of the Beartooth Mountains and its area extends into both Custer National Forest and Gallatin National Forest, and is located in close proximity to Yellowstone National Park. The mountain is relatively easy to climb and serves as a great spot for hiking and mountain climbing.

The Highest Peaks in Montana

RankPeakElevation Above Sea Level (in ft)Prominence (ft)Mountain Range
1Granite Peak12,7994759Beartooth Mountains
2Granite Peak-Northwest Peak12,745305Beartooth Mountains
3Mount Wood12,6602860Beartooth Mountains
4Mount Wood-West Peak12,649129Beartooth Mountains
5Castle Mountain12,6122652Beartooth Mountains
6Castle Mountain-Northwest Peak12,6044Beartooth Mountains
7Whitetail Peak12,5511271Beartooth Mountains
8Silver Run Peak12,5421505Beartooth Mountains
9Castle Rock Spire12,540420Beartooth Mountains
10Silver Run Peak-East Peak12,500140Beartooth Mountains
11Tempest Mountain12,469909Beartooth Mountains
12Mount Peal12,409489Beartooth Mountains
13Castle Rock Mountain12,401481Beartooth Mountains
14Beartooth Mountain12,3511471Beartooth Mountains
15Bowback Mountain12,351711Beartooth Mountains
16Mount Villard12,345545Beartooth Mountains
17Mount Wood-Northwest Peak12,330170Beartooth Mountains
18Mount Hague12,3231203Beartooth Mountains
19Glacier Peak12,320800Beartooth Mountains
20Mont Villard-West Peak12,320120Beartooth Mountains

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