The Ghost Train of the Stockholm Metro

Seeing a Silverpilen pull into a station of the Stockholm Metro was sure to take travelers by surprise.
Seeing a Silverpilen pull into a station of the Stockholm Metro was sure to take travelers by surprise.

The Ghost Train of Stockholm

Silverpilen (Silver Arrow) is a name given to a silver train used by the Stockholm Metro that has been the base of many local legends and myths. The silver train was built in the 1960s and was procured by the Swedish government for use as a test train. Unlike the green trains that were featured in ordinary metro use, Silverpilen was not painted and retained its silver color. This made the Silverpilen stick out considerably. From its inception until the year 1996, the Silverpilen would occasionally be used as a backup train during rush hour times. Many city residents found the presence of this train odd, as the Silverpilen differed greatly in appearance from the average train of the Stockholm metro. Besides its odd silver exterior, the train's interior was bare from any form of advertisement and showed signs of graffiti that had been eliminated. The rough appearance of the train further contributed to the mystique surrounding it.

Haunted Reputation

Legend had it if one boarded the Silverpilen, the individual would not be able to get out and would travel continuously. Some legends had it that the Silverpilen only appeared once annually at midnight and that its passengers consisted of the deceased who had empty expressions on their faces. Another legend spread of sightings of the train picking up passengers on unused railway lines. Other people spread stories of how they boarded the Silverpilen against their will and would ride the train for months and later get dropped in the ghostly station of Kymlinge.


In the late 1970s, the government decided to expand the metro system and constructed a station in a town known as Kymlinge. However, the Kymlinge station’s construction was not completed and was eventually abandoned altogether. The metro station resembled a ghost town and was a source of several urban legends. Of course, these legends also involved the SIlverpilen. Kymlinge station was known as the home of the silver train and where it picked up its “dead” passengers. There is a local saying that “only the dead get off at Kymlinge” further emphasizing the sinister reputation of the station.

Current Status

The Silverpilen continued its service as a backup train for the Stockholm Metro until 1996 when it was decommissioned. After being decommissioned, the train was split with several cars being transferred to the Stockholm Police Academy where it is used for training of police cadets on how to combat crime in the metro system. Another part of the train was moved to its manufacturer’s (Hagglunds) headquarters where it was converted into a cafeteria. However, the bizarre stories concerning the Silverpilen still linger in Stockholm society with a few people claiming to have been forcefully boarded the train.


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