The Ethnic Composition Of Oklahoma

Oklahoma state sign.
Oklahoma state sign.

According to 2015 estimates, Oklahoma’s population stood at about 3,911,338 people. This statistic marks an increase of 4.26% from the 2010 census and about 12% since 2000. Out of the states in the Great Plains Region, Oklahoma has the most significant population ranking above Kansas, Nebraska, and Dakota. Historically, there has been Irish American, German American, and English American immigration to the region occupied by the state. 68.7% of the population's ethnicity was non-Hispanic white while the rest includes those of black, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American descent, as well as individuals of two or more races.

Non-Hispanic White

Non-Hispanic white is the largest ethic demographic across Oklahoma. The most commonly cited ancestral roots in Oklahoma are German and American. However, a majority of individuals who self-identify as American are mostly of English, Scottish, and Welsh descent.


11% of the total population of Oklahoma identifies as Hispanic, the majority of whom are of Mexican descent. This population composes 7.1% of the total Latino demographic in the state. There is also a significant representation of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Guatemalan, and Salvadoran roots across the different Oklahoman counties. Spanish is the second most spoken language in Oklahoma after English.

Native Americans And Asian

Oklahoma is home to the second-largest population of Native Americans in the country ranking just below California. It also has the fourth-largest percentage of Native Americans in relation to other ethnicities ranking after Alaska, South Dakota, and New Mexico. Native Americans composed roughly 8.3% of the total population of the state. The highest concentration of Native Americans is located in the Tulsa-Broken Arrow metropolitan area. The Oklahoma City-Norman metropolitan region is home to the largest concentration of Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans. There are sizeable populations of people of Indian, Korean, and Vietnamese descent in Oklahoma and Cleveland counties.

African Americans

African Americans make up the third-largest demographic in Oklahoma. African Americans or black Americans make up at least 10% of the total population. Census reports have shown a steady increase of the African American population in the state.


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