The Ethnic Composition Of The Population Of Iowa

People at the State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /
People at the State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /

Iowa is a Midwestern U.S state which is bordered by Big Sioux, Missouri and Mississippi rivers and six states including Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Iowa was part of Spanish Louisiana and French Louisiana during the colonial times; in fact, the flag of Iowa has the same colors as the French flag. After the United States purchased Louisiana in 1803 from France, an agricultural-based economy was laid down in the middle of the Corn Belt. Iowa’s agricultural economy advanced to financial services, green energy, and manufacturing economy during the late twentieth century. Iowa is the 30th most populous and the twenty-sixth largest state by land area in the United States.

Demography Of Iowa

By July 1, 2015, the population of Iowa had increased by 2.55% from 2010 to over 3,123,899 people. Over 72.2% of the residents were born in the Iowa, 23.2% in other states and 0.5% in Puerto Rico while 4.1% are born in other countries. Immigration from outside the country has increased the Iowan population by over 29,386, and domestic migration caused a reduction of about 41,140 residents. About 14.7% of the residents are over 65 years, 22.6% are below 18 while 6.5% is under the age of five. The population density in Iowa is about 52.1 individuals per square mile and 49.6% of residents are male.

91.3% of the population of Iowa is white. Of this group, the ethnicities cited include Norwegian (5.2%), American (6.2%), English (8.5%), Irish (13.7%) and German (35.9%). 2.9% of the population of Iowa is black, while 3.8% of the state described themselves as Mexican, 0.2% as Puerto Rican, 1.7% as Asian 1.7% as Native American and 0.4% as other.

Religion In Iowa

As at 2014, over 60% of the residents are Protestants, 18% are Catholics, and about 21% had no religious affiliation. A study conducted by ARDA (Association of Religion Data Archives) confirmed that the leading Protestants denomination in Iowa were the Evangelical Lutheran Church and United Methodist Church. The Catholics are the largest non-protestant religion in the state with over half a million adherents. Iowa has the highest number of Reformed denominations.


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