The Biggest New Year's Eve Celebrations Around the World

New Years fireworks in Sydney, Australia. David Carillet /
New Years fireworks in Sydney, Australia. David Carillet /

The New Year is a special event in every corner of the Earth. If unforgettable, over-the-top parties and shows are what you seek, these places with over a million attendees compete for your heart and your thrill.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia, is one of the first megapolises to welcome the New Year, known for its epic New Year's Eve celebrations. You will have a chance to watch the sky bursting in artificial colors reflecting in the water of the Sydney Harbour. The Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, shining with lights for the occasion, provide a tasteful backdrop. In Australia, it's summer at the time, so you will not need coats and scarves and can choose between hiring a boat or staying ashore in one of the many cafes and restaurants that remain open the entire night.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is famous as Asia's nightlife city, so it is a suitable option if you are looking for a wild and uninhibited party. Bangkok has many clubs and experiences to choose from, as well as traditional New Year fireworks at the Central World Plaza. For some cooling down, there are still some Buddha temples that remain open for the public. Compared to European and US party destinations, Bangkok is also much cheaper, as long as you are mindful of your safety.

Dubai, Arab Emirates

Dubai is famous for its ultra-modern urban landscapes, food from all over the world, and shopping, and they utilize all they have to offer to celebrate the New Year at full. Dubai loves setting records, so the New Year fireworks are launched from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscrapers in the world and the display is more magnificent every year. You can attend a party in one of the many towers or watch the show from the shopping district. Dubai is very expensive, but it provides a decadent luxury on par. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If your dream is to celebrate the New Year with the huge, loud, and festive beach party, Brazil can be your destination. Réveillon, a traditional celebration at the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, greets over two million visitors. After the grand opening fireworks, music is playing all night long, and dancing and champaign never end. It is customary to dress in white and throw flowers and little offering rafts into the water. 

New York City, USA

The Manhattan Times Square is the most famous urban New Year celebration on the planet, broadcasted all across the US. Over a million attendees gather to watch the ball drop under the lights of the billboards. The weather might be cold, but the crowd is tight enough to warm you up. Mind that you might need to find a spot in advance, and you won't be able to celebrate with a drink: alcohol is prohibited in the streets, a wise rule to ensure safety (and there is no space for a drop to fall in the packed streets!).

Paris, France

Elegance and romance together with the festive and happy mood. The City of Lights becomes even more dramatic every New Year, when the Eiffel Tower comes alive in sparkling colors, and the Arc de Triomphe where the main fireworks and the party commences. The food and champagne are outstanding, as expected, and even if you would not get a spot at the Champs-Elysees, there's plenty of options to choose from. 


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