The Tallest Bridges In The World

By Jessica Dillinger April 23 2018 in World Facts

The Millau Viaduct in France is the tallest bridge in the world. Editorial credit: FraVal Imaging /
The Millau Viaduct in France is the tallest bridge in the world. Editorial credit: FraVal Imaging /

Soaring hundreds of meters above the Earth, these bridges may not be for those with a fear of heights. The world's tallest bridges can be found in every corner of the Earth, from Europe to Asia to North America. A bridge's height is determined by measuring the distance between the highest possible point of a bridge to the lowest possible point (this point has to be visible, i.e., it cannot be underground or underwater).

The World's 10 Tallest Bridges

1. Millau Viaduct, France (343 m)

The Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world. It was opened in December 2004, and is located in southern France. The Millau Viaduct has a total span of four lanes. The reason behind its construction was to present congestion, much of which was caused by people driving from France to Spain and back. The Millau Viaduct is taller than the Eiffel Tower.

2. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Turkey (322 m)

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in Turkey is the world’s second tallest bridge. It carries both vehicular and train traffic and has been open since August 26, 2016. The bridge has eight lanes for car traffic and two for railway traffic.

3. Russky Bridge, Russia (320.9 m)

Russia’s Russky Bridge is the world’s third tallest. It was open to the public in July 2012. It is located in Vladivostok, which is in Russia’s east. The bridge took only 43 months to complete.

4. Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, China (306 m)

Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, in China’s Jiangsu province, is the world’s fourth tallest bridge. It was opened on May 25, 2008, five years after its construction began. The bridge helped the economic development of the city of Nantong by improving its accessibility to and from Shanghai.

5. Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong (288 m)

Stonecutters Bridge of Hong Kong is the world’s fifth tallest. It was opened on December 20, 2009. The bridge was notoriously difficult to construct, partially due to the fact that it had to be built to withstand the strong typhoon winds that Hong Kong is sometimes prone to.

6. Chishi Bridge, China (288 m)

The Chishi Bridge was completed in October 2016. It is found in China’s Hunan Province. The bridge has been compared to the Millau Viaduct in appearance.

7. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan (282.8 m)

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge of the Akashi Strait in Japan is the world’s seventh tallest. It has been in use since 1998. The bridge was intended to serve as an alternative to the ferries that had previously served the strait, and had been prone to the effects of strong winds.

8. Yi Sun-sin Bridge, South Korea (270 m)

Yin Sun-Shin Bridge can be found in southern South Korea. It is 270 metres tall, and has been in use since 2012. The bridge connects the island of Myodo-dong with the city of Gwangyang.

9. Duge Bridge, China (269 m)

China’s Duge Bridge is the world’s ninth tallest. It was opened on December 29, 2016. The bridge took around five years to complete.

10. Jingyue Bridge, China (265 m)

Jingyue Bridge is the tenth tallest bridge in the world. It is found in Hubei, China. The bridge has been open since June 2010.

The 30 Tallest Bridges In The World

RankBridge Height
1Millau Viaduct343 metres (1,125 ft)
2Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge322 metres (1,056 ft)
3Russky Bridge320.9 metres (1,053 ft)
4Sutong Bridge306 metres (1,004 ft)
5Stonecutters Bridge298 metres (978 ft)
6Chishi Bridge288 metres (945 ft)
7Akashi Kaikyo Bridge282.8 metres (928 ft)
8Yi Sun-sin Bridge270 metres (890 ft)
9Duga Bridge269 metres (883 ft)
10Jingyue Bridge265 metres (869 ft)
11Yachi River Bridge258.2 metres (847 ft)
12Great Belt East Bridge254 metres (833 ft)
13Zhongzhou Yangtze River Bridge247.5 metres (812 ft)
14Gongshuihe Bridge245 metres (804 ft)
15Jiujiang Fuyin Expressway Bridge244.3 metres (802 ft)
16E'dong Bridge242.5 metres (796 ft)
17Mezcala Bridge236 metres (774 ft)
18Osman Gazi Bridge234.425 metres (769.11 ft)
19Incheon Bridge230.5 metres (756 ft)
20Golden Gate Bridge227.4 metres (746 ft)
21Xiamen Zangzhou Bridge227 metres (745 ft)
22Jiashao Bridge227 metres (745 ft)
23Zolotoy Bridge226 metres (741 ft)
24El Carrizo Bridge226 metres (741 ft)
25Xiangshan Harbor Bridge225.5 metres (740 ft)
26Langqi Bridge223 metres (732 ft)
27Yangpu Bridge223 metres (732 ft)
28San Marcos223 metres (732 ft)
29Fourth Nanjing Yangzte Bridge223 metres (732 ft)
30Tatara Bridge220 metres (720 ft)

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