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Tallest Bridges In The World

When talking about the tallest bridges in the world, France takes the number one spot with the Millau Viaduct bridge located in the South of France.

Since the dawn of time, humankind has always needed to..well…get to the other side of stuff. The desire for a bridge seems like an obvious one. However with over 600,000 bridges just in the United States alone, a great deal of our mobility as individuals is based on these gargantuan crossing tools. It is not just important that these devices function, it is that they function well and for a great deal of time.

As suspending from the air by a pieces of metal held together sometimes hundreds of meters above the ground, it is fascinating to know exactly which bridges in the world are the tallest, this article will be focused on not just which of our world’s bridges are the highest, and why this might be.

It is interesting to note that of the top twelve tallest bridges that exist throughout the world, with six of them exist in China. The reason for this is that a great portion of the land in China is distributed at different heights and across different bodies of water, making it more important to have a convenient way across for day to day living.

The Sutong Yangtze River Bridge for example spans across 3,570 feet and has received two awards in 2010 for Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement from the Society of America Civil Engineers. What this bridge does is greatly shorten the route between Shanghai and Nantong which was previously reachable through a four hour ferry ride. This has allowed for a great deal of connection to be increased between these two areas and enhanced the employment growth of both regions. At 306 meters high, this is the third tallest bridge in America and the whole world.

Another interesting fact about the tallest bridges is that North America does not make a presence on the list until number 15 with the Bridge of Golden Gate at 227.4 meters used to span across what is called the Golden Strait. This is a mile wide, that is as long as three mile channel of water between the the Bay of San Fransisco and Pacific Ocean. However, it is interesting to note that the western side of the world is so far down on this list as much of its land is very connected.

Not only is the United States the only country in North America that enters the list of the world’s tallest bridges in the world, but it also doesn’t make a second appearance until number 35 with the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. This is popular double decked suspension bridge in the state of New York that connects the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn together. This allows for greater connection between the two regions.

Another interesting feature to the list of tallest bridges is Russia’s Russky Bridge at number two which connects the mainland section of the city to Russky Island, where the main activities of the summit took place. It is incredible to consider that without the creation of the bridge, activity to the region would be a fraction of what is was prior to its creation.

Tallest Bridges In The World

Rank Country Bridge Feet Meters
1 France Millau Viaduct 1,125 343
2 Russia Russky Bridge 1,053 321
3 China Sutong Bridge 1,004 306
4 Japan Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge 979 298
5 Hong Kong Stonecutters Bridge 978 298
6 South Korea Yi Sun-sin Bridge 890 270
7 China Jingyue Bridge 869 265
8 Denmark Great Belt East Bridge 833 254
9 China Zhongxian Huyu Expressway Bridge 812 248
10 China Zhongjianhe Bridge 804 245
11 China Jiujiang Fuyin Expressway Bridge 802 244
12 China EOdong Bridge 796 243
13 Mexico Mezcala Bridge 793 242
14 South Korea Incheon Bridge 756 231
15 United States Golden Gate Bridge 746 227
16 China Xiamen Zhangzhou Bridge 745 227
17 China Jiashao Bridge 745 227
18 Russia Zolotoy Bridge 741 226
19 Mexico El Carrizo Bridge 741 226
20 China Xiangshan Harbor Bridge 740 226
21 China Langqi Bridge 732 223
22 China Yangpu Bridge 732 223
23 Mexico San Marcos Bridge 732 223
24 China Fourth Nanjing Yangtze Bridge 732 223
25 Japan Tatara Bridge 720 220
26 China Badong Bridge 715 218
27 China Xupu Bridge 712 217
28 China Guozigoui Bridge 707 216
29 China Third Nanjing Yangtze Bridge 706 215
30 China Runyang Bridge 705 215

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