The 10 Highest Summits in Nevada

Boundary Peak, Nevada.
Boundary Peak, Nevada.

Nevada is a western US state that encompasses an area of 286,382 square km. Several mountain ranges run in a north-south direction in the state, with many endorheic valleys between them. The mountains of Nevada have lush forests with rich flora and faunal diversity, including a number of endemic species. The Spring Mountain Range is the largest range in the state. Nevada has 172 mountain summits with a prominence of more than 2,000 ft. Nevada is the country’s second most mountainous state, after Alaska, and the most mountainous among the contiguous US states. A list of the highest summits in Nevada is presented below.

1. Boundary Peak

The tallest summit in Nevada is the Boundary Peak, which has a height of 13,147 ft. Some rankings do not declare Boundary Peak as the tallest mountain in Nevada. Instead, it is sometimes categorized as a sub-peak of Montgomery Peak, which is located in the state of California. As a result, Boundary Peak has a prominence of only 253 ft. Boundary Peak is located in Nevada’s Esmeralda County, within the limits of the Inyo National Forest.

2. Wheeler Peak

Located in White Pine County, Nevada, the 13,065 ft tall Wheeler Peak is the state's second tallest mountain. The mountain is part of the Snake Range and is within the limits of Great Basin National Park. Wheeler Peak remains covered by thick snow most of the time. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities, including an adventurous hike or drive to the top of the mountain. Wheeler Peak also has several natural features like limestone caves at the base and ancient Great Basin Bristlecone Pine groves on the slopes.

3. Jeff Davis Peak

The third tallest peak of Nevada is Jeff Davis Peak, which is 12,777 ft tall and located only about a mile away from the second tallest peak of the state, Mount Wheeler. Jeff Davis Peak is also within Great Basin National Park. The peak was named after Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States. However, proposals have been made to change the name of the peak.

4/5. Baker Peak

The 12,305 ft tall Baker Peak is the fourth tallest peak in the US state of Nevada. The peak is part of the Snake Range and is also located within the boundaries of Great Basin National Park. The mountain also has a shorter peak, the west summit, that is 12,298 ft tall. Baker Peak receives fewer visitors since most tourists tend to explore nearby Wheeler Peak. However, the peak offers astounding views of the surrounding landscape, including Wheeler Peak and Jeff Davis Peak.

6. Mount Moriah

The 12,072 ft tall Mount Moriah is the fifth tallest peak in Nevada. A part of the Snake Range, the mountain is located within the boundaries of the Mount Moriah Wilderness. The nearest town of Ely isolated 60 km west of the mountain.


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