The 10 Highest Mountains in Idaho

Borah Peak is the highest mountain in the US state of Idaho.

Idaho is a US state located in the northwestern part of the country, and it shares its borders with Canada and six other US states. The state has a rugged terrain and vast areas of pristine wilderness. There are several tall snow-capped mountain ranges in Idaho. The highest peaks of the state are listed below.

1. Borah Peak

The highest mountain in Idaho is 12,662 ft tall Borah Peak, which is part of the Lost River Range. The mountain is part of Challis National Forest, and was named in 1934 after Idaho Senator William Borah. The climb to the summit of the mountain is strenuous and hazardous. In fact, three climbers have died while attempting to summit Borah Peak.

2. Leatherman Peak

Idaho’s second highest peak is Leatherman Peak, which is 12,228 ft tall and located in Custer County. Like Borah Peak, it is also a part of the Lost River Range and lies within the limits of the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

3. Mount Church

The third highest peak in Idaho is Mount Church, which is 12,200 ft tall. It is part of the Lost River Range and is located only 2.33 km away from Leatherman Peak. Since the mountain has not been officially measured and named, it is excluded from some lists of the highest peaks in Idaho.

4. Diamond Peak

The Diamond Peak is a highest peak in the Lemhi Range. The mountain is 12,197 ft tall and is a part of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

5. Mount Breitenbach

Mount Breitenbach is Idaho’s fifth highest summit, with a height of 12,140 ft. It is located in the Lost River Range, about 3.2 km from Mount Church in Idaho's Custer County.

6. Lost River Peak

The 12,078 ft tall Lost River Peak is Idaho’s sixth tallest summit. It is part of the Lost River Range in Idaho’s Custer County.

7. Mount Idaho

The peak of Mount Idaho is 12,065 ft high and is also part of the Lost River Range. The peak is only 3.5 km away from Borah Peak.

8. Donaldson Peak

The 12,023 ft tall Donaldson Peak is Idaho’s eighth tallest peak. It is also located in the Custer County and is part of the Lost River Range. Donaldson Peak is 1.05 km from Mount Church.

9. Hyndman Peak

The ninth tallest summit in Idaho is the Hyndman Peak, which is 12,009 ft. The mountain peak is located in Blaine Country and falls within the limits of the Sawtooth National Forest. Hyndman Peak is a part of the Pioneer Mountains range, and was first summited in 1889.

10. USGS Peak

The tenth tallest mountain in Idaho is the USGS Peak, which is 11,982 ft tall. It is located in the Lost River Range in Custer County.

The 10 Highest Mountains in Idaho

RankMountain PeakElevation
1Borah Peak12,622 ft
2Leatherman Peak12,228 ft
3Mount Church12,200 ft
4Diamond Peak12,197 ft
5Mount Breitenbach12,140 ft
6Lost River Mountain12,078 ft
7Mount Idaho12,065 ft
8Donaldson Peak12,023 ft
9Hyndman Peak12,009 ft
10USGS Peak11,982 ft

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