The 10 Highest Mountains In British Columbia

Mount Waddington is the tallest peak situated entirely within the province of British Columbia.
Mount Waddington is the tallest peak situated entirely within the province of British Columbia.

British Columbia is a Canadian province that is located to the west of the country and has an extensive coast along the Pacific Ocean. The province abounds in natural resources and has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. It also hosts some of Canada’s highest mountains. About 75% of the area of British Columbia is mountainous in nature and 60% of the area is covered by forests. Here is a list of the tallest mountains in British Columbia:

1. Mount Fairweather

The 4671 m tall Mount Fairweather is British Columbia’s highest peak. It is a coastal mountain that is just 20 km to the east of the Pacific coast of Canada. The mountain lies on the border between Alaska, US and British Columbia, Canada. The mountain, named by Captain James Cook, was first summited in 1931. It is part of the Fairweather Range. Unlike its name, the mountain experiences poor weather conditions with high precipitation of snow and below freezing temperatures.

2. Mount Waddington

Part of the Waddington Range, Mount Waddington is British Columbia’s second tallest peak and the first tallest one in the province that lies entirely within the provincial boundary. It is 4,019 m tall and is located in the remote heart of the Pacific Ranges. The mountain offers great challenges to climbers due to the relatively low accessibility, rugged terrain, and harsh weather conditions. The mountain and its surroundings, however, have surreal landscapes which attract adventurers despite the great challenges. The first climb to the top of Mount Waddington was recorded in 1936. The area is subjected to extreme and unpredictable weather conditions with high levels of precipitation.

3. Mount Robson

The 3,954 m tall Mount Robson is the third tallest mountain in British Columbia and the second tallest one to be entirely in the province. It is also the most prominent peak in the Rockies of North America. It has a prominence of 2,829 m. Mount Robson has a great vertical relief and its north face remains covered in massive glaciers. The mountain is not easy to climb from any of the known routes but poses challenges to even elite climbers. The first successful ascent to the top of the mountain was made in 1936.

4. Mount Root

Located on the border between Canada’s British Columbia and US’s Alaska, Mount Root is British Columbia’s fourth highest mountain. Its summit is at an elevation of 3,928 m. The mountain belongs to the Fairweather Range. The Margerie Glacier is located in Mount Root. The mountain was first summited in 1977. Mount Root has been named after diplomat Elihu Root who played an important role in resolving a border issue between Canada and the US.

5. Mount Tiedemann

The fifth tallest mountain in British Columbia is the 3,838m high Mount Tiedemann. The Waddington Range of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains is the parent range of this mountain. The topographic prominence of this mountain is 848 m. Mount Tiedemann was first summited in 1939.

The 10 Highest Mountains In British Columbia

RankMountain peakProvince or TerritoryMountain rangeElevation
1Mount Fairweather Alaska, British ColumbiaSaint Elias Mountains4671 m (15,325 ft)
2Mount Waddington British ColumbiaCoast Mountains4019 m (13,186 ft)
3Mount Robson British ColumbiaCanadian Rockies3959 m (12,989 ft)
4Mount Root Alaska, British ColumbiaSaint Elias Mountains3928 m (12,887 ft)
5Mount Tiedemann British ColumbiaCoast Mountains3838 m (12,592 ft)
6Mount Columbia Alberta, British ColumbiaCanadian Rockies3741 m (12,274 ft)
7Mount Clemenceau British ColumbiaCanadian Rockies3664 m (12,021 ft)
8Mount Assiniboine Alberta, British ColumbiaCanadian Rockies3616 m (11,864 ft)
9Mount Goodsir British ColumbiaCanadian Rockies3567 m (11,703 ft)
10Monarch Mountain British ColumbiaCoast Mountains3555 m (11,663 ft)

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