The Tallest Mountains In Liechtenstein

Mountains in Liechtenstein.
Mountains in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is a small European country lying on the east bank of the Rhine river to the south of Lake Constance, situated between Austria and Switzerland. The country landscape mainly consists of low valley lands and alpine peaks. Grauspitz is the tallest mountain in Liechtenstein with an elevation of 8,527 feet. Due to the country’s elevation, it has several micro-climates. Some of the tallest mountains in Liechtenstein are looked at below.


Grauspitz is found in the Rätikon range of the Alps, located on the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It is the highest peak with an elevation of 2,599 meters above sea level and the highest summit of the Rätikon range and part of the Schesaplana massif. Being the highest peak in Liechtenstein, it is not very popular with climbers since there is no maintained trail that leads to the Grauspitz. Instead, most climbers will opt for Falknis, 2 kilometers west of the Grauspitz, along with the Naafkopf, 2 kilometers east of the Grauspitz which have better trails to the summit. The mountain lies between the valleys of Lawenatal on the north and the Fläscher Tal on the south. Both sides of the mountain are in the Rhine basin which flows west of the mountain. The easiest route to the summit passes over the Hinter Grauspitz, and along a Class 3–4 razor ridge.


The Schwarzhorn is the second tallest peak in Liechtenstein, rising to 2,574 meters above sea level. It belongs to the Bernese Alps located between Brienz and Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland. The Schwarzhorn is the highest peak in the municipality of Brienz. On the north side of the mountain there is a glacier named Blau Gletscherli. From the Schwarzhorn, there is a stunning view of the other surrounding peaks. The mountain can be climbed solo, and the summit is accessed by a trail on the southern ridge. There is plenty of hotels, camping grounds and hostels such as the Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Interlaken to accommodate hikers and mountain climbers.


Naafkopf is the third highest peak in Liechtenstein at 2,570 meters. It belongs to the Rätikon range of the Alps, and located at the border between Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It has three ridges, including the northeastern ridge which marks the border between Austria and Liechtenstein, the southeastern ridge marks the Swiss-Austrian border, and eventually descends as low as 2,292 meters just past the Barthümeljoch. The northwestern ridge marks the Swiss-Liechtenstein border, and turns southwest after a few hundred meters. Naafkopf mountain has three sides, including the east face, the south face, and the north face. From the popular normal route, you can see the big summit cross.


Falknis rises to 2,560 meters, and is the fourth highest mountain in Liechtenstein. It is a mountain in the Rätikon range of the Alps, located on the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland.The nearest locality to Falknis is Balzers. Restaurant Falknis located in Maienfeld is one of the top destinations in the region. It provides accommodation and traditional cuisines and wines.

Other tall mountains in Liechtenstein include Mazorakopf, Augstenberg, Plasteikopf, Gorfion, Ochsenkopf, and Rappenstein, all ranging from 2,200 to 2,500 meters in elevation.

Tallest Mountains In Liechtenstein

RankTallest Mountains in LiechtensteinElevation
2,599 meters
2,574 meters
2,570 meters
2,560 meters
5Mazorakopf2,451 meters
2,359 meters
2,356 meters
2,308 meters
2,286 meters
2,221 meters

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