Tallest Mountains In Bangladesh

Mountains in Bangladesh tend to be relatively low-lying.
Mountains in Bangladesh tend to be relatively low-lying.

Saka Haphong along the Burmese border is the highest point in the low-lying nation of Bangladesh. Mountains in Bangladesh stand distinctly since almost 80% of the country sits on the low Bangladesh Plain. Most of the country’s highest peaks are located in the Chittagong Hills. The mountains have long been home to various tribes, which still inhabit around the mountains in a modern day Bangladesh. The highest points in Bangladesh by elevation are looked at below.

Saka Haphong

Saka Haphong Mountain, with an elevation of 3,451 feet, is the highest peak in Bangladesh. The peak is also known as Mowdok Taung in the local Tripura tribal language. The mountain is part of the Greater Mowdok Range. The mountain is unofficially the highest mountain in the country, as no other higher peak has yet been recorded. The mountain supports little vegetation and is home to different local communities.

Zow Tlang

Zow Tlang Mountain is the second highest mountain at an elevation of 3,353 feet. The mountain is part of the Mowdok range of the greater Chittagong Hills. The mountain is also known as Mowdok Mual in the tribal Bawm language. The mountain has been named as one of the wildest peaks in Bangladesh, with wild bears, horn-bills, and wild boars roaming the region. Vegetation in the mountain lower parts consists of dense grass that grows to between 5 and 10 feet and bamboo plants.


Dumlong Mountain is the third highest peak in Bangladesh, rising to 3,314 feet. The mountain is the highest point of the Rang Tlang mountain range and is situated in the Rangamati District in Chittagong. The position of the mountain as the third highest mountain in the country has recently been a cause for debate. The mountain has been termed as the second highest mountain in Bangladesh, a case strongly put forward by Md. Wadud Mohosin Rubel together with his three fellow climbers.


The fifth highest peak in Bangladesh, Keokradong, stands at 3,235 feet. The mountain is the most renowned of the mountains in Bangladesh, and is a popular tourist destination. The mountain is in Bandarban and has been controversially regarded as the highest peak in Bangladesh by some sources. The mountain is home to dense virgin forests that provide habitats to an abundant and diverse wildlife, mainly birds and animals. The mountain is also teeming with unique tribal life, courtesy of the various tribes that reside in the region. The mountain is credited as having set the pace for the growth of outdoor activities in Bangladesh.

Mountain Tourism and Ecology

Other high mountains in Bangladesh, and their respective elevations in feet, include Jogi Haphong at 3,251 feet, followed by Thingdawl Te Tlang (3,149 feet), Rang Tlang (3,123 feet), Kapital Peak (3,090 feet), Sippi Arguing (2,940 feet), and Kirs Taung (2,900 feet). Although there has been an increase in tourism on mountains of Bangladesh in recent years, tourism infrastructure in the nation’s peaks remains largely underdeveloped. The mountains have been spared of environmental degradation and continue to support flora, fauna, and community life. Increased tourism could threaten this delicate balance and policies are needed to safeguard the mountains’ ecosystems.

Border Disputes

Bangladesh has had territorial disputes with both India and Myanmar (Burma, and in 2011 Bangladesh and India signed a protocol referred to as the Land Boundary Agreement. This treaty called for the settlement of their long standing boundary disputes dating back to 1974.

Tallest Mountains In Bangladesh

RankHighest Points in BangladeshElevation
1Saka Haphong3,451 feet
2Zow Tlang3,353 feet
3Dumlong3,314 feet
4Jogi Haphong3,251 feet
5Keokradong3,235 feet
6Thingdawl Te Tlang3,149 feet
7Rang Tlang3,123 feet
8Kapital Peak3,090 feet
9Sippi Arsuang2,940 feet
10Kirs Taung2,900 feet

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