Tallest Buildings In Texas

JP Morgan Chase Tower, Houston
JP Morgan Chase Tower, Houston

The history of skyscrapers in Texas began in the 1900s with the completion of a 14-storeyed Praetorian building in Dallas in 1909. It was the first tallest building in the state of Texas reaching 190 feet (58 m). Houston houses the tallest building in Texas, the JP Morgan Chase, which has 75 floors and is 1,002 ft (305 m) tall.

1. JP Morgan Chase Tower

JPMorgan Chase Tower is the tallest building in the city of Houston and the whole state of Texas. It is the country's 15th tallest building and the 107th tallest in the world. The building is also the tallest 5-sided building in the world. JPMorgan Chase Tower construction started in 1979 and completed in 1982 reaching 1,002 ft (305 m), having 75 floors and covering an area of 2,243,013 square feet. The building was designed by IM Pei &Partners Architects and was to reach 80 floors, but FAA raised concerns of the risk of aircraft landing and taking off at the nearby William P. Hobby Airport. However, at its completion, it was the 8th tallest building in the world overtaking AON Center in LA, to become the tallest building in the US West of Mississippi River and held the record till 1990, when Los Angeles Library was built, now known as the US Bank Tower. JPMorgan Chase Tower has changed names over time some of the names are Texas Commerce Tower United, Energy Plaza, Texas Commerce Tower. It is also known as Chase Tower, and it is a commercial office building with 52 elevators or lifts. The building is owned by Chase, and the constructor was Turner Construction, while the structural engineer was CBM Engineers.

2. Wells Fargo Plaza

Ranking second among the tallest buildings in Texas and Houston, after the JPMorgan Chase Tower is the Wells Fargo Plaza It is also the 16th tallest building in the US and the tallest all-glass building in the Western Hemisphere. Wells Fargo reaches a height of 992 feet (302 m) above the ground with 72 floors, some of its former names are Allied Bank Plaza and First Interstate Bank Plaza, and it is mainly a commercial office building. Its construction was completed in 1982 and officially opened in 1983 covering a floor area of 1,833,760 square feet (170,363m2). The building was designed by Richard Keating of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, and Lloyd Jones Brewer & Associates. The developers were Century Development Management and the owners are Wells Fargo.

3. Bank of America Plaza

The Bank of America is the tallest building in the city of Dallas, and ranks third in our list of tallest buildings in Texas, 28th Tallest in the US reaching a height of 921 feet (280.1 m) above the ground with 72 floors, it also covers an area of 1,900,00 sq ft (180,000m2) of office space. The building is a commercial office building. The construction of the building started in 1983 and completed in 1985, and the developers were Bramalea Ltd of Toronto, and the architects were JPJ Architects. Initially, the building was jointly owned by Prudential Insurance, Bramalea Ltd, and the First National Bank of Dallas. The building also has changed names several times, and in 1986 the tower was renamed First Republic Bank Plaza. Other names over time include NCNB Texas, NCNB Plaza, and NationsBank Plaza. The building facade is accented with almost two miles of green argon light at night that cover the edges and corners of the building. The building is commonly called the Pickle by the locals because of the green lighting.

4. Williams Tower

William Tower is the Tallest building outside Downtown Houston, 3rd tallest in the larger Houston city, 4th tallest in Texas, 26th Tallest in the US, and the 140th Tallest in the world. At its completion, William Tower was the tallest building in the world outside the business district, and it is still the tallest in the US outside a CBD. The building reaches to 901 feet (275 m) above the ground with 64 floors covering 1,483,308 square feet (137,803.8 m2). The construction started in August 1981 and was completed in December 1982, and the designers were John Burgee Architects of New York and Philip Johnson in association with Houston-based Morris Architects. The cost to its completion was $300million and was initially and still commonly known as Transco Tower and owned by Invesco Adviser Inc.

5. Renaissance Tower

Renaissance Tower is Dallas' second tallest building, the fifth tallest in Texas, and the 24th tallest in the US reaching 886 feet high above the ground with 56 floors. It is at 1201 Elm Street in downtown Dallas. The building was completed in 1974, and it was the tallest building in Dallas reaching 710 feet high. It was designed by Obata, Hellmuth, and Kassabaum Architects. At the time it was known as the First International Bancshares Tower. In 1986 the building underwent major renovations which involved redesigning bringing the structural height to 886 feet. The building is known for its distinctive double X lighting and the roof spires. The building has a floor space area of 1,731,000 sq ft.


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