Tallest Buildings in Providence

There are no buildings in Providence that meet the height requirement to be declared a skyscraper.
There are no buildings in Providence that meet the height requirement to be declared a skyscraper.

Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and the third largest city in the New England region of the United States. The city is home to about thirty high rise buildings, seventeen of which rise above 175 feet. There are no buildings in the city that meet the height requirement (492 feet) to be declared a skyscraper. Providence is among the early centers of manufacturing in the US, and therefore a large number of the high rise buildings were constructed before 1930. The Turk's Head Building and the Industrial National Bank Building are among the earliest to be constructed.

Tallest Buildings in Providence

There are five buildings in Providence that rise above 300 feet:

Industrial National Bank Building

The Industrial National Bank Building is the tallest building in Providence at 428 feet. It is also the tallest in the state. The building was previously known as the Bank of America Building and nicknamed “the Super Man Building.” It has 26 floors and was completed in 1927.

One Financial Plaza

One Financial Plaza is the second tallest building with a height of 410 feet. Its construction began in 1970 and ended in 1973. The building has 28 floors. The One Financial Plaza is distinct for the orange lights at night, red for valentine, and red and green light during Christmas.

The Residences Providence

The Residences Providence is also known as the Residences at the Westin Building. The 380-foot building was completed in 2007 and consists of thirty floors.

Omni Providence Hotel

The Omni Providence Hotel is the fourth tallest building in the city with a height of 329 feet. It was completed in 1993 and consists of thirty floors. It is the largest and tallest hotel in the Providence with a capacity of 564 rooms.

Textron Tower

Textron Tower, previously known as the Old Stone Tower, is the fifth tallest building. The building rises 311 feet. It houses the headquarters of Textron. It was built in 1972 and consists of 23 floors.

Oldest High Rise Building in Providence

The Turk's Head Building is the oldest of the seventeen buildings that rise above 175ft. The 16-story building was completed in 1913 and stands 215 feet. It is the 12th tallest building in Providence. The building was the second tallest in Providence until the Providence Biltmore was completed in 1922.

Future of High Rise Buildings

In 2007 a plan to construct the 520-foot tall One Ten Westminster building was scrapped off. The Building would have been the tallest in the city. In November 2016 The Fame Organization submitted a proposal to the city authorities to build the “Hope Point Towers”; a three-building park. The three buildings would be 33, 43, and 55 stories tall.

Tallest Buildings in Providence

RankBuilding NameHeight (ft)Height (m)FloorsYear
1Industrial National Bank Building428130261927
2One Financial Plaza410125301973
3The Residences Providence380115312007
4Omni Providence Hotel329100251993
5Textron Tower31195231972
650 Kennedy Plaza28587201985
7Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Headquarters23772142009
8Waterplace 123672192008
9Rhode Island State House2236841904
10Biltmore Hotel22067181922
11Providence County Courthouse2166671930
12Turk's Head Building21566161913
13Waterplace 221064172008
14One Citizens Plaza18055131990
15Brown University Sciences Library18055151971

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