Tallest Buildings In Nashville

The tallest building in Nashville is the AT&T Building, which stands at 617 feet tall.
The tallest building in Nashville is the AT&T Building, which stands at 617 feet tall.

Nashville is the capital of the US state of Tennessee, located on the Cumberland River. Tall buildings began to open throughout the city at the beginning of the 1900’s. One of the first of these was the 180-foot Stahlman, the tallest building in the city from 1908 until 1957. The city experienced a growth of high rises in the 1950’s, again in 1994, and again in the first decade of the 2000’s. This article inspects some of the tallest buildings in Nashville today.

The Tallest Buildings In Nashville

1. AT&T Building

The tallest building in Nashville is the AT&T Building, which stands at 617 feet tall. It was finished in August of 1994 and its 33 stories house offices for approximately 2,000 employees. The underground parking garage extends nine floors, and in addition, there is an indoor garden that takes up three stories. From 1994 until 2006, AT&T (previously known as BellSouth and South Central Bell) has occupied the entire building. Since 2006, it has occupied 500,000 of the 690,287 square feet. In addition to being the tallest building in Nashville, the AT&T Building is also the tallest building in Tennessee.

2. Fifth Third Center

The Fifth Third Center stands at 490 feet and has a total of 31 stories. Finished in 1986, it was the tallest building in Nashville until the construction of the previously mentioned AT&T Building in 1994. Originally, this building was known as Third National Financial Center. The building sits on top of the site of the First Masonic Hall of 1818. Its 488,853 square feet are housed inside of a postmodern architectural style made of concrete. Additionally, the architects were inspired by the Downtown Presbyterian Church nearby and borrowed its sloping columns and crown molding.

3. William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower

The 452-foot William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower ranks third among the tallest buildings in Nashville. The building was completed in 1970 and was occupied by the National Life and Accident Insurance Company until 1994. At this time, the government of the state of Tennessee acquired the offices where today, around 1,000 state employees work. Its design follows the international architectural style, the root of the postmodern movement. This style means it features plane surfaces and rectangular forms. The building name honors William R. Snodgrass, who served as the Comptroller of the Treasury of Tennessee for 44 years.

4. Pinnacle at Symphony Place

The Pinnacle at Symphony Place is a 29-floor building that stands 417 feet tall. Construction on this building lasted from 2007 until 2009, and it officially opened in February of 2010. Within its 520,000 square feet are offices and retail spaces. One of its biggest office tenants is Pinnacle Financial Partners, a financial firm. Other tenants include several law offices. It holds the distinction of being Gold LEED Certified due to energy efficiency. One of these energy efficient designs is a 1-acre green roof garden.

5. Life and Casualty Tower

Standing at 409 feet, the Life and Casualty Tower ranks fifth in the list of tallest buildings in Nashville, Tennessee. Its 30 floors are dedicated to offices. The construction was finished in 1957; at that time, it was the tallest building in Tennessee and the first skyscraper in Nashville. Its exterior design incorporates limestone, granite, and green-tinted windows. The building was once recognized for its outdoor sign that changed colors to indicate the weather. Life and Casualty Insurance Company was once its tenant, but the company was purchased by the American General Insurance Company in the 1960’s. The top floor houses an observation deck that is not open to the public.

Tallest Buildings In Nashville

RankRankNameHeight (in feet)
11AT&T Building617
22Fifth Third Center490
33William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower452
44Pinnacle at Symphony Place417
55Life and Casualty Tower409
66Nashville City Center402
77James K. Polk State Office Building392
88Renaissance Nashville Hotel385
99Viridian Tower378
1010One Nashville Place359
1111UBS Tower354
1212Sheraton Nashville Downtown300
1313SunTrust Building292
1414Bank of America Plaza292
1515Andrew Jackson State Office Building286
1616ICON in the Gulch282
1717Twelve Twelve270
1818Omni Nashville Hotel269
2020Palmer Plaza269

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