Tallest Buildings In Melbourne

Eureka tower, the tallest building in Melbourne, on the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia
Eureka tower, the tallest building in Melbourne, on the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia

35 buildings reach a height of at least 150 meters in Melbourne; more than any other city in Australia. Being the capital of Victoria State, Melbourne is a highly urbanized city and is home to some of the county's majestic skyscrapers. Construction of skyscrapers in Melbourne surged in the late 1960s and 1970s, due to Australia's economic boom, several major companies established headquarters in Melbourne. This situation led to high demand for modern office structures. The government of Australia also initiated housing projects which favored skyscrapers in place of low-density suburbs. The tallest buildings in Melbourne are:

Tallest Buildings In Melbourne

Eureka Tower

Eureka Tower at 7 Riverside Quay, rises 91 floors to reach 297 meters from the ground. The tower is a residential complex, and it is in Port Philip in Melbourne. The architects of the building were Karl Fender and Nonda Katsalidis, who together with the constructor (Grocon) and the investor (Tab Fried), formed the Eureka Tower Pty Ltd, the company which owns the tower. The tower's construction started in August 2002 and was completed in June 2006.

The tower's crown is gold plated with a red stripe to represent the gold rush and bloodshed which took center stage during the Eureka Stockade rebellion of 1854, after which it is named after. Most of the building is colored in blue, to represent the blue background of the stockade's flag. The tower's observation deck, the highest public viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere, is a major tourist destination in Melbourne.

120 Collins Street

120 Collins Street boasts a total of 52 floors and has a height of 265 meters. The building was constructed from 1989 to 1991 and was inspired by other giant buildings in the west such as the Empire State building. The building has a light gray color, and it is predominantly used as an office complex. The building's architect was the Hassell architectural firm in liaison with Daryl Jackson. At its completion, the building was the tallest tower in Melbourne, until the construction of the Eureka Tower. The complex stands as the third tallest building in modern day Australia.

101 Collins Street

101 Collins Street ranks third among the tallest buildings in Melbourne, at 260 meters and has 50 floors in total. Construction of the building was completed in 1991, and it was designed by the Denton Corker Marshall architectural firm. The tower was fitted with double glazed windows, with surface coated glass in a bid to boost thermal efficiency. The building is rented for office spaces and it is renowned to be prestigious address in Melbourne.

Prima Pearl

Prima Pearl building on 31-49 Queensbridge Square stands at 254 meters and has 72 floors in total. The tower is chiefly a residential complex and boasts 667 apartments. The tower had a bronze facade and was built with efficient thermal glass. The building is relatively recent, its construction being completed in 2014. The complex was designed by Disegno Australia and developed by the PDG Corporation and Schiavello.

Rialto Towers

Rialto Towers, at 525 Collins Street, is the fifth tallest building in Melbourne. The building stands at 251 meters and has 63 floors in total. The building was one of the towers built during Melbourne's high-rise construction boom of the 1980s. Rialto Towers was built from 1982 to 1986 and was designed by Gerard de Preu and Partners and Perrott Lyon Mathieson architectural firms. The building is characterized by changes in color, from dark blue in the daytime to a brilliant gold at sundown. The building had the first ever public observation deck which was however closed down in 2009. The Rialto Run-up was also held in the tower until 2005. The building is an office complex, and it is a landmark and tourist destination in Melbourne.

Other tall buildings in Melbourne are 568 Collins Street, Bourke Place, Vision Apartments, Telstra Corporate Centre, Melbourne Central, Freshwater Place North, Abode318, Sofitel Hotel at Collins Place, ANZ Tower at Collins Place,Nauru House, MY80, Upper West Side Tower 5, 385 Bourke Street, Zen Apartments, and Platinum Tower One.

Tallest Buildings In Melbourne

RankName (Street address)Height: in metersTotal Floors
1Eureka Tower (7 Riverside Quay)297 91
2120 Collins Street265 52
3101 Collins Street260 50
4Prima Pearl (31-49 Queensbridge Square)254 72
5Rialto Towers (525 Collins Street)251 63
6568 Collins Street224 68
7Bourke Place (600 Bourke Street)224 49
8Vision Apartments223 69
9Telstra Corporate Centre (242 Exhibition Street)218 47
10Melbourne Central (350 Elizabeth Street)211 53
11Freshwater Place North (1 Queensbridge Square)205 60
12Abode318 (312-318 Russell Street)187 57
13Sofitel Hotel at Collins Place (35 Collins Street)185 50
14ANZ Tower at Collins Place (55 Collins Street)185 46
15Nauru House (80 Collins Street)182 54
16MY80 (410 Elizabeth Street)173 55
17Upper West Side Tower 5 (33 Rose Lane)170 53
18385 Bourke Street169 45
19Zen Apartments (27 Therry Street)168 50
20Platinum Tower One (245-263 City Road)167 52

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