Tallest Buildings In Europe

The 1,226-foot-tall East Tower of the Federation Complex located in Moscow, Russia is the tallest building in the European continent.

Tallest Buildings In Europe

Four of the five tallest buildings in Europe are in Moscow, Russia. The 1,226 ft tall East Tower of the Federation complex located in Moscow is the tallest building in Europe. For decades, Europe was without skyscrapers, except in some major cities like London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Istanbul, and Warsaw. However, recent years have seen growth in the construction industry, with more cities building skyscrapers including cities like Barcelona, Brussels, Manchester, Milan, Birmingham, Madrid, and Naples. Cities having more than ten tall buildings of over 100 meters include Moscow, Istanbul, Paris, Ankara, Frankfurt, Benidorm, Warsaw, Rotterdam, Milan, Madrid, Kiev, Barcelona, Berlin, and Naples.

Federation Tower: East Tower

At 1,226 feet the Eastern Tower of Federation Tower in Moscow, Russia, is the tallest building in Europe. Construction of the skyscrapers commenced in 2003, with an interruption midway, resuming in 2011, with completion in 2016, overtaking the OKO as the tallest building in Europe. The brainchild of Sergei Tchoban and Peter Schweger, the building, was constructed by AEON Corporation who owns the building. It comprises two towers, the 97 story Tower East and the 65 story Tower West. It is intended to have offices, apartments, and hotel suites with sky bridges between the two towers which house restaurants and cafes. It attracts sightseers, lovers of extreme sports, and is used as a filming site.

OKO: South Tower

At the height of 1,162 feet, the OKO ranks second among the tallest buildings in Europe. Also found in Russia’s Moscow, the building is owned by the Capital Group, located in the Moscow International Business Center, and was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, an American architect firm. Construction started in 2011and was completed in 2015 at the cost of $1.2 billion. The building covers 2,687,000 sq ft and has Apartments, offices, parking spaces. The building comprises an 85 story skyscraper on South Tower and a 49 story office on North tower, both rising from the single transparent structure of 7 stories at the base of the complex.

Mercury City Tower

At the height of 1,112 feet, the Mercury City Tower is the third tallest building in Europe with 75 floors and 31 elevators. The construction began in 2009 costing $1billion, and it is owned by Igor Kesaev. It is also located in the Moscow International Business Center. A multipurpose building, it comprises offices, shops, and housing. It has five underground floors. It was developed by Liedel Investments Limited and Mercury Development. It was designed by Frank Williams & Associates. It has a distinctive shape and has a blazing copper-coloured cladding that makes it unique.

The Shard

At the height of 1,016 feet, the Shard ranks fourth in the list of tallest buildings in Europe. It is also the only building amongst the top five that is not located in Moscow, Russia. Also known as the Shard of glass, the building has 95 stories and is located in Southwark, London. The building, which was formerly known as London Bridge Tower, forms part of the London Bridge. Construction began in 2009, with its completion in 2013. It has a privately operated observation deck known as the View from the Shard, open to the public. Clad in glass, and having a pyramidal shape, the tower comprises 72 habitable floors, a viewing gallery, and the observation deck on the 72nd floor. Designed by Renzo Piano the Italian architect and developed by Sellar Property Group on LBQ Ltd’s behalf, the building is the joint property of Sellar Property and the State of Qatar.


At the height of 1,013 feet, Eurasia is the fifth tallest building in Europe. The building, which is also known as Steel Park, was developed by the Mos City Group, and designed by Swank Hayeden Connel Architects. Construction work began in 2007, ending in 2014. The 70-floor building comprises apartments, offices, a hotel, and other entertainment facilities. The building’s external design combines both classical and modernist styles. It has a scenic elevator on the outside, which enables people to view the city.

Other tall buildings in Europe in order of successive height include CoC: Moscow Tower, Skyland Istanbul 1, Metropol Istanbul, Naberezhnaya Tower C in Moscow, Triumph Palace in Moscow, Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, CoC: Saint Petersburg Tower in Moscow, Messerturm in Frankfurt, Torre de Cristal in Madrid, Torre Bankia in Madrid, and Evolution Tower in Moscow.

Tallest Buildings In Europe

1Federation Tower: East TowerMoscow1,226
2OKO: South TowerMoscow1,162
3Mercury City TowerMoscow1,112
4The ShardLondon1,016
6CoC: Moscow TowerMoscow990
7Skyland İstanbul 1Istanbul962
8Metropol İstanbulIstanbul919
9Naberezhnaya Tower CMoscow881
10Triumph PalaceMoscow867
11Commerzbank TowerFrankfurt849
12CoC: Saint Petersburg TowerMoscow843
14Torre de CristalMadrid817
15Torre BankiaMadrid815
16Evolution TowerMoscow807
17OKO: North TowerMoscow804
18Federation: West TowerMoscow798
19Main building of Moscow State UniversityMoscow784
20Imperia TowerMoscow783

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