Tallest Buildings in Dayton, Ohio

The skyline of Dayton, Ohio.
The skyline of Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton is the sixth major city in the state of Ohio and lies in the Miami Valley region. High-rises in Dayton have a long history tracing back to 1896 with the erection of the Reibold Building. The first building to be deemed as a skyscraper is the Center City Building which was completed in 1924. Around the early 1920s, Dayton experienced a surge of an erection of tall buildings such as the Key Bank Building. A second and much larger surge happened again between the early 1970s and the late 1980s. This second growth spurt of buildings saw the construction of some of the tallest buildings in present-day Dayton. Examples of structures erected during the second boom include the likes of the KeyBank Tower and the Kettering Tower.

Tallest Buildings in Dayton, Ohio

Kettering Tower

In first position is the Kettering Tower which is the tallest building in Dayton with a height of 405 feet and thirty floors. Kettering Tower was erected in 1970 and officially opened for operations in 1972. Ownership of the structure has been changing hands since 2005 but it is currently owned by Albert Macanian of Dunkirk Realty who acquired it for $6.4 million in 2012. There are several facilities inside such as restaurants, banks, and fitness centers.

KeyBank Tower

The KeyBank Tower is the second tallest with a height of 384 feet and twenty-seven stories. Until 2008, it was known as the MeadWestvaco Tower. The tower’s construction ended in 1976. The ownership transferred in 2010 after some Cincinnati investors made the purchase.

Fifth Third Center

The Fifth Third Center is third with an elevation of 328 feet and twenty floors. Other names for the structure are Premier Health Center and One Citizens Federal Center. The center was completed in 1989. Currently, the most significant tenant is the Fifth Third Bank although there are others who have restaurants, gift shops, and a few other amenities. Before the current name, it was called the One Dayton Center till 2009.

40 West 4th Center

The 40 West 4th Center is fourth with an altitude of 331 feet and twenty-two stories. After its official completion in 1969, the center was the tallest structure for a year until the Kettering Tower was completed.

110 N. Main Street

In fifth, 110 N. Main Street stands proudly with a height of 328 feet. 110 N. Main Street was built in 1989 and has twenty levels. Previously, until 2009, the building was called the Fifth Third Center before the Fifth Third Bank moved out.

Other Notable Builds in Dayton

The first skyscraper, Center City Building, is in the eighth position standing at 274 feet with twenty-one floors. Before its current name, it was known as the United Brethren Building. After work for the building was finished in 1924, the skyscraper became the tallest building in the United States during that period.

The Reibold Building is at the twentieth position at elevations of 155 feet with only eleven levels. Before the Center City Building was completed, the Reibold Building was the tallest in Dayton for almost a decade. On the other hand, the most recently erected structure, the Miami Valley Hospital, is in the tenth spot and stands at a height of 246 feet and twelve floors.

Tallest Buildings in Dayton, Ohio

RankBuilding NameHeight (ft)Height (m)FloorsYear Built
1Kettering Tower405124301970
2KeyBank Tower385117281976
3Fifth Third Center336102201989
440 West 4th Centre331101221969
5110 N. Main Street328100201989
6Liberty Tower29590231931
7130 West Second Street 29088211972
8Centre City Building27484211904
9Landing Apartments25177131929
10Miami Valley Hospital Southeast Tower24675122010
11Schuster Performing Arts Center22468172003
12Talbott Tower20362141958
13Montgomery County Administration Building19660121972
14Biltmore Towers18255161929
15Wright Stop Plaza17553141901
16AT&T Building17553111930
17Wilkinson Plaza Apartments16851141974
18Courthouse Plaza South West16751121978
19CareSource Building1624992008
20Paru Tower16149141924

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