Tallest Buildings In Cleveland

Terminal Tower, the second tallest building in Cleveland.
Terminal Tower, the second tallest building in Cleveland.

Tallest Buildings In Cleveland

Cleveland, the second biggest city in the US state of Ohio house 142 completed high-rises, 33 of which stand above 250 feet. The city is on the shores of Lake Erie. It covers an area of 213.6km2. The city has a vibrant skyline with over 140 high-rise buildings. Some of the high-rise buildings were constructed as early as in 1889. More skyscrapers continue to emerge in Cleveland. Some of the tallest buildings in the city are the Key Tower, Terminal Tower, 200 Public Square, Tower at Erieview, and One Cleveland Center.

Key Tower

Key Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Cleveland. Located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Key Tower stands at the height of 289 meters. Its construction began in 1988 and ended in 1991. The building has 57 floors above the ground and approximately 144,000 square meters of office space. Key Tower is mainly occupied by commercial offices. Its anchor tenant is the financial services firm, Key Corp. The building is owned by Columbia Property Trust and the designer architect firm was César Pelli and Associates.

Terminal Tower

Ranking second among the tallest buildings in Cleveland is the Terminal Tower standing 235 meters tall. Its construction started in 1923 and ended in 1930. Terminal Tower stood as the second tallest building in the world at the time of its completion. It was Cleveland’s tallest building until 1991 when Key Tower took the crown. The building is located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland. It has 52 floors above the ground and covers 53,600 square meters of floor area. The tower has an observation deck where visitors can see as far as 30 miles from downtown Cleveland. A unique feature on Terminal Tower is the elaborate external lighting on the top floors. The lighting was used to direct ship at Cleveland’s port and planes landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Nowadays, the light can be configured to different colors depending on the occasion such as Red, white, and blue during federal holidays. The building is owned by Forest City Realty Trust and construction cost was $179 million.

200 Public Square

200 Public Square alternatively known as BP America Building or BP Tower is Cleveland’s third tallest building at the height of 200.5 meters. It is located on Public Square in Cleveland downtown area. 200 Public Square is constructed on the site where Williamson building stood until 1982. Its construction started in 1982 and lasted three years. The initial plan was for the building to surpass Terminal Tower in height but Cleveland city council would not permit that. The building has 45 floors above the ground, 36 elevators, and 757 parking spaces. Its developers set out to maximize the floor area of the building by eliminating any narrowing from the base to the crown of the building.

Tower At Erieview

Tower at Erieview alternatively referred to as Erieview Tower is fourth among tallest buildings in Cleveland at the height of 161 meters. The tower is in downtown Cleveland. Its construction began in 1963 and ended in 1964. The tower has 40 floors above the ground, 19 elevators, and 450 underground parking spaces. It covers 65,300 meters square of floor area. An annual stairway race held in Terminal Tower was held in Erieview Tower‘s 646 steps stairway in 2007 and 2008 due to renovations being done in Terminal Tower.

Cleveland has the highest skyscrapers in Ohio. The city experienced a construction boom in the 1920s when many high-rise buildings emerged. Even today, high-rise buildings continue to emerge. The City planners, however, regulates the height of most buildings.

Tallest Buildings In Cleveland

RankNameHeight (in feet)Floors
1Key Tower94757
2Terminal Tower77152
3200 Public Square65845
4Tower at Erieview52940
5One Cleveland Center45031
6Fifth Third Center44627
7Carl B. Stokes Federal Court House Building43023
8Justice Center Complex42026
9Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building41931
10PNC Center41035
11The 938328
12Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel (HCDH)37432 (4 story base, tower has 28 stories)
13AT&T Huron Road Building36524
14James A. Rhodes Tower36320
15Eaton Center35628
16Ernst & Young Tower33021
17Marriott at Key Center32028
18McDonald Investment Center30823
1955 Public Square30022
20The 925 Building28921

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