Tallest Buildings in Brooklyn, New York

The skyline of Brooklyn, New York.
The skyline of Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn is one of the five townships of New York City. It is bordered by the nearby boroughs of Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Brooklyn has an excess of 40 high-rises all with heights of at least 295 feet.

The history of the construction of high-rises goes all the way back to the later stages of the 19th century. After the famous Brooklyn Bridge was finished in 1883, the increased accessibility meant that there would be an inevitable economic growth. In the later stages of the 1890s, the first high-rise, the Franklin Trust Company Building, was finished. In the early 1900s, the Temple Bar Building was finished making it the first steel-beam high-rise. The early 20th century experienced a further improvement in accessibility, such as better roads and subway lines, which further increased the development of commercial skyscrapers.

The skyscraper surge began after the completion of the building at 32 Court Street which was deemed as the city’s first true skyscraper. The completion of that building brought about a surge of skyscraper construction which ceased when the Great Depression hit.

The Tallest Buildings in Brooklyn

The Hub - 610 Feet

The Hub, standing at a proud 610 feet and 52 stories, is the tallest high-rise in Brooklyn. The Hub was completed recently in 2017, and it is also called 333 Schermerhorn Street. Within the buildings, there are a whopping 754 apartments together with three mid-rise elevators and four high-rise elevators. The Hub is a residential building.

AVA DoBro - 596 Feet

The AVA DoBro building is in the second position with an elevation of 596 feet and 58 floors. Occasionally, the structure is also called Avalon Willoughby West, or it may be described using its address, 100 Willoughby. The structure serves residential purposes, and it was completed in 2015. Before the Hub was completed, it was the tallest building in Brooklyn.

388 Bridge Street - 590 Feet

In the third position, there is the 388 Bridge Street building with a slightly lower height of 590 feet. This building was finalized in 2014 and has 51 floors. In addition, just like the first two, this building also serves residential purposes. Within it, there are 234 rental units and 144 condominiums. Initially, before the Great Recession hit, the plan was to have the structure portioned into condominiums only. However, plans changed after the recession passed to include the rental units. The AVA DoBro building overtook this tower as the tallest.

590 Fulton Street - 568 Feet

Occasionally called 250 Ashland Place, 590 Fulton Street is in the fourth position with 52 floors and a height of 568 feet. This tower was finalized in 2016. Closing the top five is The Brooklyner with altitudes of 514 feet and 51 floors. The tower, situated at 111 Lawrence Street, had the honor of being the tallest in Brooklyn even before its completion in 2010.

Other Notable Towers in Brooklyn

The original high-rises of Brooklyn do not make it on this list which is dominated by true skyscrapers. There are buildings, like 9 DeKalb Avenue and City Point Tower III, which will rise to the top two spots after their completion in 2019 with heights of 1,066 and 692 feet respectively.

Tallest Buildings in Brooklyn, New York

RankBuilding NameHeight (ft)Height (m)FloorsYear Built
1The Hub610190522017
2AVA DoBro596182582015
3388 Bridge Street590180512014
4590 Fulton Street568173522016
5The Brooklyner514157512010
6Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower512156421929
7City Tower510160302015
866 Rockwell Place489149442014
912 Metrotech Center473144322005
10Montague-Court Building462141351927
13120 Nassau Street425130332017
141 Metrotech Center412126231992
15DKLB BKLN405 123342010
16BKLYN AIR400120392014
17One Pierrepont Plaza400120211988
18Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza398121321998
191 North 4th Place398121412014
202 North 6th Place398 121402016

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