Tallest Buildings in Baltimore, Maryland

The skyline of Baltimore, Maryland as seen from Inner Harbor.
The skyline of Baltimore, Maryland as seen from Inner Harbor.

The skyline of Baltimore, Maryland is characterized by modern skyscrapers. The history of these skyscrapers dates to 1889 when the first buildings, the Equitable Building and Battle Monument, were constructed. The city went through a skyscraper construction boom from the 1890 and was only halted by the Great Baltimore Fire 1904 when interiors of numerous buildings were burned out. Another building boom was experienced between the 1960s and 1990s, during which 18 of the city’s 24 tallest buildings were completed. Currently, two completed buildings are at least 500 feet high with the third one still under construction. Below are some of the tallest buildings in Baltimore.

Four Tallest Buildings in Baltimore

Transamerica Tower

Transamerica Tower is a 40-story building that rises 528 feet high. It is the tallest building in Baltimore, the tallest in Maryland, and also the tallest between Philadelphia and Raleigh. It is occasionally referred to as the Legg Mason Building. The building is located in downtown Baltimore on 100 Light Street. Transamerica Tower was constructed using the revolutionary method of erecting a tall concrete column followed by horizontal steel beams rising floor by floor. Its construction began in 1971 and the building was completed in 1973. Transamerica Tower mainly houses commercial offices.

414 Light Street

414 Light Street is a luxury apartment consisting of 44 stories and rising to a height of 525 feet. The tallest residential building in Baltimore 394 units and is expected to be officially opened in the spring of 2018. It will offer studio and one and two-bedroom apartments. It also has a 550-car parking garage. 414 Light Street has been developed by the Quester Property. Its construction began with the groundbreaking on March 26, 2016.

Bank of America Building

The Bank of America Building is a 509-foot tall and 34-story building located in downtown Baltimore. It was Maryland’s tallest building when it was constructed in 1928. Its exterior decoration consists of Romanesque images of humans and animals while the roof is capped and made of copper and gold. Bank of America Building has changed names at least three times since its completion in 1929. Some of its former names include Mathieson Building, Maryland National Bank Building, and NationsBank Building.

William Donald Schaefer Building

At 493 feet tall, William Donald Schaefer is the fourth tallest building in Baltimore. Also known simply as Schaefer Tower, the building has 37 floors of which the upper nine are unoccupied. The nine floors contain a spiral staircase to the top. At the top of the building is a flagpole which makes it the tallest building in Maryland at 590 feet. The flags flown on the flagpole are visible throughout most parts of the city. The construction of William Donald Schaefer Building started in 1986 and the building was officially opened in 1992.

Brief Summary of the Tallest Buildings in Baltimore

31 of the tallest buildings in Baltimore are over 250 feet tall and have at least 15 stories. About 10 more buildings are either in the initial stages of planning, under construction, or are near completion. 300 East Pratt Street which is still in the planning stages will be the tallest building in Baltimore once completed. It will be 638 feet tall and will have 48 floors.

Tallest Buildings in Baltimore, Maryland

RankBuilding NameHeight (ft) Height (m)FloorsYear Built
1Transamerica Tower529161401973
2414 Light Street525160442018
3Bank of America Building509155371924
4William Donald Schaefer Building493150371992
5Commerce Place454138311992
6100 East Pratt Street418128281992
7Baltimore World Trade Center405123321977
8Tremont Plaza Hotel395120371967
9Charles Towers South Apartments385117301969
10Legg Mason Tower360.5110242009
11Four Seasons Hotel and Residences360.5110302016
12Blaustein Building360110301962
13250 West Pratt Street360110241986
141st Mariner Bank Tower360110172006
15Towers at Harbor Court356109281987
16201 North Charles Street Building350107281967
17Charles Towers North Apartments350107271967
18Exelon Tower350107202016
19The Gallery at Harborplace346106281988
20414 Water Street344105332008

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