Tallest Buildings In Australia

Australia has more skyscrapers per capita than any other country in the world that has a population of more than five million people.


Australia holds the record as the country with more skyscrapers per person than any other country. The country was among the first countries in the world to participate in the skyscraper boom along with the US and Canada. The first skyscraper in the country was the APA building which was completed in 1889 and was among the world's tallest buildings at the time. Modern skyscraper in Australia exceeding 150 meters was Australia Square Tower in Sydney, and its construction came to completion in 1967. Most of the tallest buildings in Australia are in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, though there are some few in the western part of the country.

Tallest Buildings In Australia

1. Q1 Tower, Gold Coast

Q1 tower is currently the tallest building in the country, and it is in Gold Coast, Queensland standing at 322.5 meters (1058 feet). With 78 stories, it is also the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and among the ten tallest residential buildings in the world. Its construction started in 2002 and covered a period of three years to completion and was officially opened in November 2005. The total cost of the building was AUD$255 million. The building was the tallest residential building until 2011when the record was taken by Marina Torch building in Dubai. Q1 offers Australia's only beachside observation on both floor 77 and 78. The building was designed by Kent Elliot Architects, and the developers were Sunland group who were also the leading constructors. The Chief Executive of Sunland group is Dr. Soheil Abedian. The 2000 Sydney Olympic torch inspired the design of the building, with it adopting Q1, the name of the country's 1920s Olympic sculling team. It has an excellent viewpoint of Brisbane, Gold Coast, and New South Wales. During the New Year's celebrations, people use the building to launch fireworks. Students also use the building to celebrate Schoolies week. Other facilities that make the building famous include meetings and conferencing, gymnasiums pools and a beauty therapy.

2. Eureka Tower, Melbourne

Eureka Tower in Melbourne is the second tallest building in Australia it is located in the Southbank part of the city. It has 91 stories of its 297.3m (975feet) and is both a residential and observational tower in Melbourne city, Victoria. Construction started in 2002 and took four years to complete. The building got its name from The Eureka Stockade of 1854. As of 2016, the building held the record as the 15thtallest building in the world. It has an observation deck where tourists can come and view the city well. Within the building are 556 apartments in 84 floors. In 2007 Eureka Skydeck 88 was opened, and it features a three-metre glass cube that can carry a group of people to a height of 300 meters above the ground. The building also holds an annual stair climb and a record was set on climbing 1642 stairs in seven minutes. The architects who designed the building was Fender Katsalidis Architects (FKA) an architectural firm in Melbourne, Australia that was founded by Karl Fender and Nonda Katsalidis. The constructor was Grocon Pty Ltd one of the largest and privately owned company in Australia and has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and New York. The company has been responsible with five of Australia's tallest buildings.

3. 120 Collins Street, Melbourne

120 Collins Street Melbourne ranks third among the tallest buildings in Australia. The construction of the building was begun in 1989 and completed in 1991 and has a height of 265m (869feet), the building has 52 floors, comprising of 50 levels of office space. When it was completed, it was Australia's tallest office building. Its central mast, setbacks and granites fa├žade draw their inspiration from New York's Empire State building. It has panoramic views of the city and acts as a premium landmark. It offers luxurious boutiques and easy access to retail facilities. Moreover, it houses many multinational companies dealing in steel, banking, and financial services. The building has been refurbished to implement the energy efficient and ozone friendly chillers. The owner of the building is Investa Property Group of Australia who owns 50%, and the other ownership is by third parties, the architects who designed the building was Daryl Jackson in association with Hassell Architects.

4. 101 Collins Street, Melbourne

The building is only five meters shorter than 120 Collins Street building standing at 260 meters (853 feet), and the construction was completed in 1991. It is 57-storey and at its completion in 1991 it was the 4th tallest building in Australia. Moreover, it is a good tourist attraction as people find its entry foyer spectacular and the artwork elegant. The architect who designed the building was Denton Corker Marshall, and the Foyer was designed by John Burgee a New York architect. The constructor was Grocon, and it was the first skyscraper granite building in Australia. The building is among the cleanest especially in reducing footprint and has four star NABERS energy rating.

5. 1 William Street, Brisbane

Ranking fifth among the tallest buildings in Australia is the 259.8 meters (852feet) tall William Street building which has 46 floors. The building will finally cost $650 million dollars once complete before the end of the year. The construction began in 2013 and was designed by Woods Bagot Architects who were also responsible for famous buildings like the National Australian Bank in Melbourne, Sahmri in Adelaide, and the Qatar Science & Technology Park in Doha. The building has received five-star NABERS energy rating. The developers of the building were Cbus Property

Tallest Buildings In Australia

RankNameLocationHeight: m (ft)
1Q1Gold Coast322.5 (1058)
2Eureka TowerMelbourne297.3 (975)
3120 Collins StreetMelbourne265 (869)
4101 Collins StreetMelbourne260 (853)
51 William StreetBrisbane259.8 (852)
6Prima PearlMelbourne254 (833)
7Rialto TowersMelbourne251.1 (824)
8Infinity TowerBrisbane249 (817)
9Central ParkPerth249 (817)
10Chifley TowerSydney244 (801)
11SoleilBrisbane243 (797)
12Citigroup CentreSydney243 (797)
13SoulGold Coast242.6 (796)
14Deutsche Bank PlaceSydney240 (787)
15Brookfield PlacePerth234.4 (769)
16World TowerSydney230 (755)
17MLC CentreSydney228 (748)
18Governor Phillip TowerSydney227 (745)
19568 Collins StreetMelbourne224 (735)
20Bourke PlaceMelbourne224 (735)


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