Prime Ministers Of Malaysia

The office of the prime minister of Malaysia.
The office of the prime minister of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country located in the southeastern part of the Asian continent, consisting of thirteen states and three federal territories. It covers a total area of 127,720 square miles and is the 44th most populous country in the world. The country is headed by a king who is elected for a five-year term.

Select Malaysian Prime Ministers

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tunku Abdul Rahman was the seventh son of the 25th ruler of the Kedah Sultanate, and he was born in February of 1903. He lived in Malaysia for seventeen years of his early life before he was awarded a scholarship to Cambridge University to further his studies. After doing the entry examinations and passed, he was accepted at St Catherine’s College in the Cambridge University, to pursue an undergraduate degree. Being a politician, he was appointed the first Malaysian prime minister in 1957 and has always been regarded as the Malaysian founding father until his retirement in 1970.

Abdul Razak Hussein

Abdul Razak Hussein was born in Pekan in March of 1922. He was the firstborn in a family of two children. In 1939 he joined the Malay administrative service and was awarded a scholarship to study at Raffles College in 1940. His studies were disrupted by the Second World War but he proved resourceful helping the organization of resistance movement. In 1947, he traveled to Britain to study law, and upon his return in 1950 he joined the Malaysian civil service. In 1969 the then prime minister was overthrown, and Abdul Razak Hussein was appointed as his successor.

Hussein Onn

Hussein Onn was born in February of 1922, and he would become the third prime minister of Malaysia after succeeding Abdul Razak. After his early education at Telokurau Primary School, he left school and joined the military as a cadet in 1940. He furthered his military training in India where he was absorbed into the Indian Army when the Second World War began. He went back to Malaysia in 1945 and in 1976 he was appointed the prime minister, where he served until 1981.

Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir Mohamad became the fourth prime minister after succeeding Hussein Onn. Mohamad was born in July of 1925 in Kedah. He did well in his studies and became a medical doctor. He became an active member of the largest political party in the country in 1964 and was appointed the deputy prime minister in 1976. After Onn’s resignation in 1981, He was sworn in as the prime minister and is the longest serving prime minister.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was born in Bayan Lepas to a prominent religious family, and his grandfather was a respected religious leader. He studied at Methodist Boy’s school and due to his exemplary performance he was able to enroll at the University of Malaysia in 1964. After his graduation, he joined Malaysian administrative and civil service where he developed his political skills and was later appointed the prime minister in 2003.

Najib Razak

Najib Razak, the eldest son of Abdul Razak and a nephew to Hussein Onn, was born in July of 1953. He is now the sixth and the current Malaysian prime minister. He was elected to parliament in 1976 and has been active in the country’s political activities. He rose through the ranks and in 2004 he became the deputy prime minister and later was appointed the prime minister in 2009.

Fuctions of the Malaysian Prime Minister

The prime minister of Malaysia allocates ministerial positions, chairs the Cabinet, determines the timing of elections, and also acts as the government’s chief spokesperson.

Prime Ministers Of Malaysia

Prime Ministers of MalaysiaTerm in Office
Tunku Abdul Rahman1957-1970
Abdul Razak Hussein1970-1976
Hussein Onn1976-1981
Mahathir Mohamad1981-2003
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi2003-2009
Najib Razak 2009-Present
Mahathir Mohamad2018-

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