Presidents Of Paraguay Through History

The presidential palace in Asuncion, Paraguay.
The presidential palace in Asuncion, Paraguay.

The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. Paraguay borders Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, and lies on the bank of Paraguay River. The country is a representative democratic republic characterized by several political parties and the separation of power among the three branches of government. The executive branch is headed by the president while the legislature is vested in the National Congress. The president is both the head of state and government of Paraguay. He or she presides over cabinet meetings, presents bill to the two chambers for debate, and protects the country’s territory. The president appoints government official, ambassadors, and other state officers.

Select Presidents of Paraguay

Fulgencio Yegros

Fulgencio Yegros was born into a traditional military background and joined the Spanish Colonial Army. He was part of the Paraguayan forces during the British Invasion of the Rio de la Plata in 1807. He was granted the governorship of Misiones and founded the first military academy in independent Paraguay. Fulgencio Yegros was one of the main military figures in the revolution which led to the independence of Paraguay. He became the president of Paraguay following the country’s independence from June 1811 to October 1813.

Carlos Antonio López

Carlos Antonio López was the president and leader of Paraguay from March 1844 to September 1862 after the death of his uncle Rodriguez de Francia. He served the country for the longest period in the history of the post-independent Paraguay. Before becoming a president, Lopez was part of the military junta which ruled the country after the death of Francia. He assumed the dictatorial power in 1844 and led the country to the adopting its first constitution leading to a change of his position from consul to president. The constitution legally sanctioned his dictatorial powers and extended his term to 10 years. Lopez’s government aimed at building and strengthening the military powers of the country. However, his foreign policies and relations caused a lot of diplomatic disputes with Brazil, Britain, and the US. He abolished slavery and torture and released all the political prisoners. He was succeeded by his son after his death in 1862.

Federico Franco

Federico Franco was president of Paraguay from 2012 to 2013 who was first elected as the country’s vice president in the 2008 elections. He ascended to the presidency after the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo by the Senate in June 2012 to complete the presidential mandate which came to an end in August 2013. During his short term, he reshuffled his cabinet and resumed negotiations with Rio Tinto Alcan over the aluminum plant. He also approved the sale of genetically modified Soya beans from Monsanto in the country. He completed Lugo’s mandate and was replaced by Horacio Cartes.

The Incumbent President

The current president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitez, was elected in 2018. He was born in Asunción in 1971. 

Presidents Of Paraguay Through History

Presidents of ParaguayStart of TermEnd of Term
Fulgencio Yegros19 June 181112 October 1813
José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia12 October 181312 February 1814
Fulgencio Yegros12 February 181412 June 1814
José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia12 June 181420 September 1840
Manuel Antonio Ortiz20 September 184022 January 1841
Juan José Medina22 January 18419 February 1841
Mariano Roque Alonzo9 February 184114 March 1841
Carlos Antonio López14 March 184113 March 1844
Mariano Roque Alonzo14 March 184113 March 1844
Carlos Antonio López14 March 184410 September 1862
Francisco Solano López10 September 186215 August 1869
Cirilo Antonio Rivarola15 August 186931 August 1870
Facundo Machaín31 August 18701 September 1870
Cirilo Antonio Rivarola1 September 187018 December 1871
Salvador Jovellanos18 December 187125 November 1874
Juan Bautista Gill25 November 187412 April 1877
Higinio Uriarte12 April 187725 November 1878
Cándido Bareiro25 November 18784 September 1880
Bernardino Caballero4 September 188025 November 1886
Patricio Escobar25 November 188625 November 1890
Juan Gualberto González25 November 18909 June 1894
Marcos Morínigo9 June 189425 November 1894
Juan Bautista Egusquiza25 November 189425 November 1898
Emilio Aceval25 November 1898Thursday, January 9, 1902
Andrés Héctor CarvalloThursday, January 9, 1902Tuesday, November 25, 1902
Juan Antonio EscurraTuesday, November 25, 1902Monday, December 19, 1904
Juan Bautista GaonaMonday, December 19, 1904Saturday, December 9, 1905
Cecilio BáezSaturday, December 9, 1905Sunday, November 25, 1906
Benigno FerreiraSunday, November 25, 1906Saturday, July 4, 1908
Emiliano González NaveroSaturday, July 4, 1908Friday, November 25, 1910
Manuel GondraFriday, November 25, 1910Tuesday, January 17, 1911
Albino JaraTuesday, January 17, 1911Wednesday, July 5, 1911
Liberato Marcial RojasWednesday, July 5, 1911Wednesday, February 28, 1912
Pedro PeñaWednesday, February 28, 1912Friday, March 22, 1912
Emiliano González NaveroFriday, March 22, 1912Thursday, August 15, 1912
Eduardo SchaererThursday, August 15, 1912Tuesday, August 15, 1916
Manuel FrancoTuesday, August 15, 1916Thursday, June 5, 1919
José Pedro MonteroThursday, June 5, 1919Sunday, August 15, 1920
Manuel GondraSunday, August 15, 1920Monday, November 7, 1921
Eusebio AyalaMonday, November 7, 1921Thursday, April 12, 1923
Eligio AyalaThursday, April 12, 1923Monday, March 17, 1924
Luis Alberto RiartMonday, March 17, 1924Friday, August 15, 1924
Eligio AyalaFriday, August 15, 1924Wednesday, August 15, 1928
José GuggiariWednesday, August 15, 1928Monday, August 15, 1932
Eusebio AyalaMonday, August 15, 1932Monday, February 17, 1936
Rafael FrancoThursday, February 20, 1936Sunday, August 15, 1937
Félix PaivaMonday, August 16, 1937Tuesday, August 15, 1939
José EstigarribiaTuesday, August 15, 1939Saturday, September 7, 1940
Higinio MoríñigoSaturday, September 7, 1940Thursday, June 3, 1948
Juan Manuel FrutosThursday, June 3, 1948Sunday, August 15, 1948
Juan GonzálezSunday, August 15, 1948Sunday, January 30, 1949
Raimundo RolónSunday, January 30, 1949Sunday, February 27, 1949
Felipe MolasSunday, February 27, 1949Saturday, September 10, 1949
Federico ChávezSaturday, September 10, 1949Wednesday, May 5, 1954
Tomás RomeroWednesday, May 5, 1954Sunday, August 15, 1954
Alfredo StroessnerSunday, August 15, 1954Friday, February 3, 1989
Andrés RodríguezFriday, February 3, 1989Sunday, August 15, 1993
Juan Carlos WasmosySunday, August 15, 1993Saturday, August 15, 1998
Raúl CubasSaturday, August 15, 1998Sunday, March 28, 1999
Luis GonzálezSunday, March 28, 1999Friday, August 15, 2003
Nicanor DuarteFriday, August 15, 2003Friday, August 15, 2008
Fernando LugoFriday, August 15, 2008Friday, June 22, 2012
Federico FrancoFriday, June 22, 2012Thursday, August 15, 2013
Horacio Cartes 15 August 201315 August 2018
Mario Abdo Benitez15 August 2018 Present

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