Cost Of Top Ski Resorts In North America

Looking Down the Notch
Looking Down the Notch

Let the Snow Fall, Not Your Bank Balance

A hill covered in beautiful white powder sets the scene for many skiers’ dreams. With question, the thrill of sashaying down a trail in the crisp outdoor air can be an occasion of extreme exhilaration which few others can match. While skiing anywhere can be fun, variety truly is the spice of life, and skiing at a variety of ski resorts can add to winter enjoyment. Whether Big White in British Columbia or Steamboat in Colorado, choosing from among North America’s premier ski resorts is sure to place you among the happiest skiers in the world. Nonetheless, there are many considerations to take into account before making the decision where to ski, and one of the most important of these is the weather. Like it or not, weather plays a huge role in determining where you will want (and be able) to ski.

Choosing the Right Ski Resort: A Slippery Slope

Taking a close look at current trends helps savvy skiers make intelligent decisions. For example, what are the most important factors dictating where you will ski based on personal preference and accessibility? Cold temps and amount of snow fall will vary greatly in both the U.S. and Canadian resorts so, selecting a particular resort for entire seasons or a season pass for single one be dependent upon the weather.

Going in groups or families can be a wise investment, as rates are usually lower when multiple people buy passes together. Ultimately, however, how much you save on your skiing adventures will depend on where you choose to go. According to the National Ski Area Association, season pass sales were up by about 6% across the board. Some resorts in the U.S. and Canada have had bad years lately due to warm temperatures, so prices are not as high as they normally are. For example, in the Pacific and Midwest the weather has been, shall we say less than cooperative? Some hills reported steep declines in snow accumulations and, as a result, they are beginning to market their passes in very creative ways, first and foremost meaning tremendous bargains for skiers.

Recently, the trend is moving toward skiing in Canada because the temperatures and amount of snowfall are more constant, not to mention the sheer awe of the landscape and its captivating effect. Skiers report that the beauty of the hills themselves prompt repeat visits, and the skiing is simply icing on the cake.

Seasonal Outlook

As the season approaches, advanced weather reports suggest that ski hills will have a longer than average season. For example, Jackson Hole Wyoming currently reports 22 inches and the snow season is just getting underway. So all seemed well on opening day at Jackson Hole on November 26. Incidentally, it’s their 50th anniversary, which you can join in celebrating as you have a great time skiing there.

Taking a trip to a Canadian resort this year promises to be worth the while of any serious skier. One big attraction there is Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, British Columbia, Canada. Kicking Horse features the fourth largest vertical drop in North America at 4, 133 feet – just 6 feet shorter than that at Jackson Hole.

Generally speaking, the prognosis for this year is outstanding at United States and Canadian resorts alike. Some areas of the American Midwest are reporting cold temperatures and average snowfall, and resorts are expecting a banner year as a result. Although we must be mindful that not all parts of the U.S. will enjoy the same weather, the Northeast is traditionally a safe bet since they can regularly receive ample snowfall. No matter where you choose to ski this year, odds are that prices will be lower than normal, so returns on your investment in skiing enjoyment are sure to be up as well. Get a group of family and friends together, and enjoy the great outdoors this winter. Keep it frugal if you can!

Cost Of Top Ski Resorts In North America

RankSki ResortU.S. Dollars
1Beaver Creek (CO)304
2Vail (CO)294
3Snowbird (UT)279
4Snowmass (CO)235
5Aspen (CO)223
6Copper Mountain (CO)213
7Jackson Hole (WY)209
8Breckenridge (CO)198
9Canyons (UT)197
10Squaw Valley (CA)194
11Big Sky (MT)176
12Alta (UT)174
13Panorama (BC)167
14Keystone (CO)161
15Kicking Horse (BC)159
16Telluride (CO)136
17Crested Butte (CO)134
18Big White (BC)129
19Whistler (BC)126
20Steamboat (CO)125

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