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White sands lie under perfect skies in Fiji's Mamanuca Islands.
White sands lie under perfect skies in Fiji's Mamanuca Islands.

5. Description

Fiji is an island nation, located in the Oceania Region within the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is comprised of a total chain of 332 proximate islands. Of those 332, around one-third are inhabited, and 20 belong to the Mamanuca Archipelago. One of the Mamanuca Islands, Monuriki, served as the main film location for the hit movie “Castaway.” The remote, white, sandy beaches, and the vibrant green flora inland, make the islands a perfect getaway for vacationers. The Fijian climate is known to be quite humid and extremely hot, however, so high level SPF sunscreens are recommended for those visiting the region.

4. Tourism

The Mamanuca Islands are full of extremely popular tourist hotspots. With the exception of the obvious beach allures, the islands are full of hiking trails as well, such as the ones winding through the mountains on Yasawas. For ocean lovers, there’s scuba diving on Tokoriki Island, jet skiing on the beaches of Mololo Island, and the remote “Sunset Beach” in Mana, just to name a few of the many attractions. Fiji is a very affordable vacation spot, despite the high initial flight price, which can range from $2,000 to $3,000 USD, depending on the time of year you travel there. Hotels and resorts have reasonable pricing and many attractions are very cheap. The same trend goes for the exquisite restaurants there as well.

3. Uniqueness

The Islands are mostly popular due to their remote locations. A trip coming from North America can take up to 34 hours in total, which deters many from visiting. However, if you can make the trip, it is definitely worth the time in the air. Its climate is very warm all year round, though many avoid the wet season during the winter. The Mamanuca Islands are renowned for their white sandy beaches, which are perfect for beach combing, as well as their tropical trees and nature. The Islands grow a variety of fruits, including bananas, pineapple, papaya, and watermelon. Meanwhile, a variety of palm trees and other tropical flora can be found everywhere across the country.

2. Habitat

Fiji and many of the Mamanuca Islands are home to unique native wildlife, including the famous flying fox, and various other small land mammals and birds. The Islands were formed out of volcanic lava, so it doesn’t have many natural terrestrial mammals. It does, however, serve as a home to various species of tropical birds.

1. Threats

Fiji is still a third world country, and the Mamanucan Islands are no exception to that. Many scams occur in the supermarkets, so it is wise to take cation when buying souvenirs to bring back home. Although most resorts are safe, some food poisoning accounts have occurred from the mishandling of meats and outcomes from drinking the water. Other than that, Fiji is a very safe and excellent place to visit. Basic rules apply, just as they would when traveling to any country in the world. So long as you’re smart about your decisions there, Fiji is sure to be a good choice for your next vacation.


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