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The trees at Slope Point have been permanently warped due to violent winds.
The trees at Slope Point have been permanently warped due to violent winds.

Slope Point is situated in the South Island in New Zealand. Incidentally, Slope Point is the southernmost section in South Island. The area is located to the south of Waikawa and Haldane, which are small settlements in close proximity to the Toetoes Bay and the Catlins Bay. Invercargill is approximately forty miles to the west of Slope Point.


Slope Point is constantly barraged by violent and aggressive winds. The fact that it is located on top of rugged cliffs that are exposed to the sea makes the winds even more violent as there is little to break the force. As a result, a patch of trees has been permanently warped in a strange manner. Instead of the trees reaching towards the sky like they normally do, the trees at Slope Point are bent with their branches positioned at odd angles.

In their mangled state, the impression that the trees present could be either one of two depending on the time and weather. In times when the weather is calm and the sun is out, the trees present a surreal image that could be seen as an art masterpiece by a master artist. However, in times when the weather is rough or during the night, the mangled patch of trees almost seems like something out of a horror film.


Interestingly, the sheep farmers planted the trees there for the purpose of breaking the strength and force of the violent winds. Before the trees were planted, the cold strong winds from the Antarctic Ocean would whirl around and gain strength then hurl themselves inland at anything that would be in the path. The trees did an impressive job of acting as a wind-breaker until they gave in and had to warp.


The area around the trees is sparsely populated with little life surviving. Aside from the patch of trees and sheep grazing around the area, there is little else. A few derelict shacks can be seen nearby but even those are mostly abandoned. Slope Point is simply an extensive grassland with steep cliffs nearby that provide some spectacular sights. The nearby Antarctica Ocean is populated by several marine animals such as penguins, whales, seals, orcas, and many more creatures. In addition, there is a signpost that points whoever wishes to know the distance from Slope Point to the equator (about 3,100 miles) and the South Pole (approximately 2,900 miles). There is also a lighthouse that operates on solar power in nearby farmlands.


Most people who visit the place are nature lovers and photographers who are seeking to take in the sights. Aside from the mangled trees, visitors are able to visit and explore nearby towns and villages together with the features they have. People wishing to get to Slope Point must be prepared for a hike that takes around 50 minutes. All this is because the area is inaccessible by motor vehicles. During the lambing season, which is usually between the months of September and November, Slope Point is completely inaccessible to the public.


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