Major Wadis Of The Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world, and is home to a number of wadis.

The Arabian Peninsula covers an area of 1.25 million square miles, making it the largest peninsula in the world. It is home to a grand total of ten countries: Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and the southern part of Iran. Major reserves of oil and natural gasses been found here. The peninsula consists of plateaus, deserts, mountains, dry and a marshy coastal line as well as oases located in different parts. There are several Wadis (valleys that gather preticipation in the rainy season, but are otherwise dry) in the Arabian Peninsula.

Major Wadis Of The Arabian Peninsula

Wadi Ad-Dawasir

Wadi Ad-Dawasir is a town in Najd, Riyadh Province in Saudi Arabia. It is the hometown to the Al-Dawasir tribe that is composed of three clans Azdite, Adnanite, and Hamdanite, who originate from Central Arabia. The climate of the region has temperatures ranging from a high of 49 degrees Celsius, to a low of 9 degrees. Rainfall is intermittent.

Wadi Dawan

Wadi Dawan is a town and desert valley in Central Yemen situated in the Dawan district. Several houses in this Wadi are made out of mud bricks which provide a unique site that is a popular tourist attraction.

Wadi Ahwar

Wadi Ahwar is a major Wadi located in the southern part of Yemen near Ahwar village, it flows into the Gulf of Aden in the Ahwar district and finally into a sea nearby.

Wadi Bana

Wadi Bana is one of the major Wadis of the southern part of Yemen. It originates from the mountain ranges in the country and flows through Abyan Governorate before finally entering the Gulf of Aden. The wadi receives the most rainfall in the country which has enabled the development of the large agricultural farms in the region.

Wadi Hamir

Wadi Hamir is a Wadi located in both Saudi Arabia and Yemen located near four towns, Mukhat, Tall Mukhat, Nukhayb in Iraq, and Ar Rattawi. The Wadi is known to originate from Northern Saudi Arabia, an arid, hot desert climate where precipitation is too low to sustain any vegetation. The wadi experiences sunshine throughout the year and lies north of the Saudi Arabian border.

Major Wadis Of The Arabian Peninsula

Major Wadis Of The Arabian Peninsula Country
Ad-Dawasir Saudi Arabia
Ahwar Yemen
Al Abyad Oman
Al Batin Kuwait
Al Samim Oman
Al-Batin Saudi Arabia
Al-Rummah Saudi Arabia
Ar Ruqub Yemen
Asmah Qatar
Bana Yemen
Banat Qatar
Bani Khalid Oman
Dawan Yemen
Dayqah Oman
Diyab Qatar
Ghirban Qatar
Hadhramaut Yemen
Hamir Yemen
Hamir Saudi Arabia
Hanifa Saudi Arabia
Huwaylah Qatar
Khawr abd Allah Kuwait
Rabigh Saudi Arabia
Samail Oman
Shi United Arab Emirates
Wurayah United Arab Emirates

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