Lowest Points in Oceania

Lake Eyre is a salt lake in Australia.
Lake Eyre is a salt lake in Australia.

Oceania is a world region that has an area of 8,525,989 square km and encompasses several islands and archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean. Oceania includes Australasia, Polynesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. If Oceania is considered as a continent, it is the smallest in terms of area. The highest elevation in Oceania is the 16,024 ft tall Puncak Jaya in Papua. Some of the lowest points of elevation in Oceania are listed below.

Lake Eyre

The lowest point in Australia is Lake Eyre, which lies 52 ft below sea-level. The lake is located in the Australian state of South Australia, at a distance of approximately 700 km south from the city of Adelaide. The lake is fairly shallow, but on rare occasions when the lake is full, it occupies a total area of 9,500 square km, which makes it the largest lake in the nation. The salinity of the lake is generally greater than that of the sea, and nearly equal to the salinity of the sea when full. Lake Eyre was named after the first European who saw it is an important bird area. The entire lake is part of two protected areas.

Lake Frome

The surface of Lake Frome also lies below sea level. It is located in South Australia and has an elevation of about 20 ft below sea level. The endorheic basin usually remains dry with a salty bed and rarely fills up with water. The lake receives water from creeks that flow down the mountains of the Flinders Ranges. These creeks are dry most of the year, but occasionally have flowing water that fills up the lake. Lake Frome is located in a highly arid area with little rainfall and the nearest human population is located about 40 km away. The lake covers an area of 259,615 hectares, and its entire area is part of a nature reserve.

Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche is another point in Oceania situated below sea level. It is located in South Australia and is part of an important wetland system in the central part of the Australian state of South Australia. The salty lake occasionally fills up with water from flooding. It attracts a large number of birds and is thus recognized by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

Taieri Plain

Located about 7 ft below sea level, the Taieri Plain is also among the lowest elevations in Oceania. The plain covers a stretch of fertile cultivable land occupying an area of approximately 300 square km in Otago, New Zealand.


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