Largest Cities In New England

Boston, Massachusetts, USA cityscape over North End.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA cityscape over North End.

New England is situated in the northeastern parts of the US, and it is made up of 6 states including Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, among others. The region has a population of about 14,810,001 people and an area of about 71,991.8 sq miles. The Puritan-Separatist Pilgrims were the first Europeans to settle the region in 1620.

The 4 Largest Cities In New England


Boston is the most populous city in the region and the capital of Massachusetts. Boston is the twenty-first most highly populated city in the US, with a population of approximately 617,594 people. Boston occupies an area of about 48 sq miles and has a population density of about 14,344 individuals per square mile. Boston is one of the oldest US municipalities, which was established by the Puritans in 1630 on the Shawmut Peninsula. The city was the scene of numerous American Revolution events, including the Boston Siege, Bunker Hill Battle, Boston Tea Party, and the Boston Massacre.


Worcester is the second-most populous city in the region, with a population of about 184,045 people. Named after a city in England, Worcester is 40 miles from Providence, 50 miles from Springfield, and 40 miles from Boston. Worcester has an area of about 38.6 sq miles. Worcester is situated at the center of Massachusetts and is surrounded by West Boylston, Shrewsbury, Paxton, Millbury, Leicester, Holden, Grafton, and Auburn. The region was initially inhabited by the Nipmuc people, who named it Quinsigamond.


Providence is one of the oldest American cities, which was founded by Roger Williams in 1636. Providence is the third-most populous city in New England and the most highly populated city in Rhode Islands. The city is at the head of Narragansett Bay and occupies an area of about 20.5 sq miles. Providence was one of the first American cities to industrialize and become known for textile manufacturing, silverware, jewelry, and machine tools industries.


Springfield is the seat of the county of Hampden and the fourth most populous city in New England. Springfield has a population of about 153,060people. The city is situated in the eastern parts of river Connecticut near its confluence with Mill River, Chicopee River, and Westfield River. The city was established in 1636, and it occupies an area of about 33.1sq miles.

The Demographics Of New England

The population of New England increased to over 14 million by 2015, with Massachusetts being the most populous state in New England. The population density of New England is 234.9 individuals per square miles. Over 83.4% of the people living in New England are whites, while 10.2% of the New Englanders are Latinos and Hispanics. The largest minority group in New England is the Latino and Hispanic Americans. The biggest European ancestries in New England include Irish, French, English, Italian, German, and Polish, among others. English is the most widely used language in the region, with over 81.3% of New Englanders (over 5years old) speaking only English.

Largest Cities in New England

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