Jeti-Oguz Rocks - Unique Landforms of Asia

Jeti-Oguz rocks in Kyrgyzstan.
Jeti-Oguz rocks in Kyrgyzstan.

The Jeti-Ögüz is a geological formation of sandstone rocks in Kyrgyzstan. The name Jeti-Ögüz is translated to mean “seven bulls”.The rock formation was named so for the fact that it resembles seven bulls. Since 1975 the government has protected the rock formation and the natural environment around it with the aim of conserving the geological formations Of Kyrgyzstan.

The Legend Of The Rock Formation

A legend in Kyrgyzstan tells a tale of a Khan who stole the wife of another Khan. The man whose wife was taken visited a wise man to seek advice on how he could revenge the deeds of the other Khan. The Wiseman was initially reluctant but give in to the demands. He told the man to kill his wife and submit the body to the Khan. His advice was that it was more honorable to lose a dead wife than a living one. The khan silently made his plans and decided to kill his wife during a funeral first. just as the seventh bull was being slaughtered he stabbed her in the heart. Blood gushed out and carried the seven dead bulls down the valley before coming to rest. The bulls transformed into red rocks. Just before reaching the rock formation, there is another rock that resembles a heart. According to a tale, it is the broken heart of a woman who died after her two suitors killed each other. Geologists suggest that the rocks were formed due to erosion

Touring The Site

The best time to visit the rocks is during the summer when the sky is clear and the roads are passable. Apart from the rock formation, other places to visit include the Jeti-Ögüz Waterfall and the village. Visitors can either pitch camp at the Jeti-Ögüz resort or live in makeshift tents. The terrain is good for hiking biking and horse riding. The natural environment offers an opportunity to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. One can tour alone or as a family or a group and engage in activities such as photography.


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