Idaho State Flag

The Idaho State flag was commissioned in 1907.
The Idaho State flag was commissioned in 1907.

Commissioned in 1907, the Idaho State flag is a rectangular flag measuring about six feet in length and four feet four inches in width. In the middle of the flag is a seal against a blue background. Idaho State flag is one of the flags that incorporate most symbols in the US. Though the designs incorporate all the features of significance to the Idaho people, the flag is not rated well by outsiders according to the 2001 survey by North American Vexillological Association. The survey’s results rated the design at position 64 out of the 72 flags across American and the provinces of Canada. The respondents said that there were far too many symbols incorporated in the flag design. Saluting whenever the flag is raised or lowered is a tradition for those in uniform whereas the other citizens place their right hand on their chest.

Design and Feature

The flag is predominantly blue with the seal in the middle. An upward curved half symbol beneath the seal holds the words “State of Idaho” in golden letters.

To emphasis that the citizens are equal, free and that there is justice, the photo of a female and a male are displayed on the seal. Idaho’s natural heritage is also represented inside the middle circle by photos of mines, trees, a farm, and wild animals. The pine tree symbolizes the dense forests that provide timber for the state. The farmland and the grain plant below the shield depict the state's interest in agricultural activities while the wild syringe is the wildlife that the state prides in. Idaho has wildlife laws, which seeks to preserve the elk, moose, and other wild animals. The biggest river called Shoshone is also displayed on the flag.

The flag has a sentence with the words “great seal of the state of Idaho” in the outer circle with a star depicting the importance of light from the galaxy system. The circle on the inside contains the words “Let it be perpetual” interpreted from Latin motto “Esto Perpetua.” The main industry in that era was mining. It is symbolized by a female in mine clothes. In the inner middle of the flag is a shield with various natural assets featuring.

History of the Flag

The features on the flag borrow heavily from the national seal that was developed in 1863. It was designed by Madam Emma Edwards Green, the first woman to design a flag. She did a thorough research on the natural resources and the items that the state takes pride in. The features in the seal were integrated into the middle of a blue background to form the flag.

Uses of the Flag

The flag is the state’s identity, with the residents priding in it. It is hoisted in various institutions, ranging from government offices to learning institutions. It is accorded a lot of respect and honor. It should never touch the ground and is always stored in a particular way. It should not be raised half way unless during periods of mourning a president, a congressman, or a notable figure or in case of a tragic occurrence.


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