How Many People Use Marijuana?

States across the US are starting to legalize marijuana usage.
States across the US are starting to legalize marijuana usage.

A poll done by Yahoo and Marist found that 52% of American over 18 years and above have tried marijuana in their lives while 44% are currently using the drug. The survey was done in April 2017, and the poll also covered the following areas of social acceptability, regulation, entertainment among other areas. The survey also showed that 65% of parents in the US have tried marijuana in their lives. In fact, the current number of parents who use marijuana stands at 51%. It shows a significant number of marijuana smokers in the US are parents. Apart from that, the number of men who regularly smoke marijuana stands at 59% while women stand at 41% of the population.

Legalization of Marijuana

The number of marijuana users has drastically increased since the legalization of the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in the US. The number of states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana has increased as well. It has increased from two in 2013 to now eight states. Although marijuana is legalized in the eight states and in District of Columbia, there is a limit on the age of the smokers. Most of the states have set the age limit to 21 years.

Federal Law on Marijuana

In the US, federal law has placed marijuana on the level with the other dangerous drugs like heroin, but states are still legalizing it for recreational use. Most Americans have different views concerning the drug with others in favor of the drug being legalized. The survey shows the numbers have significantly increased in recent years. Since 2013, the numbers have changed after several states legalized the drug for recreational purposes. This survey did not include people who smoke marijuana in states that have not legalized the use of the drug. It shows that the number of users might be higher than what the survey has indicated. Also, more teenagers are using marijuana compared to other drugs like alcohol.

Americans Views on Marijuana Usage

The results also show Americans views on the use of marijuana have changed. When it comes to legalizing the drug, 83% of Americans are in support of the drug being legalized for medicinal use while 49% are of the view that the drug should be legalized for recreational purposes. Only 47% of Americans are against the legalization of the drug for recreational purposes. Furthermore, the survey also showed that many parents are not worried if they find out their kids are marijuana smokers. Parents in the US are more concerned about their kids smoking tobacco rather than smoking marijuana.

Legalizing Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana to be used for recreational purpose means that it is produced in many different ways. The various products may increase the number of users since one is not limited only to smoking it but can also take it in various forms. Apart from the drug being used for recreational purposes, it is nice to see it used for its medicinal values. Many patients have accepted the use of the drug as a pain reliever. Patients are prescribed doses on how to use the drug. The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has also received support from leaders like current president of the US.


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