Countries With The Most Protestant Christians

A cross is a symbol of Protestant Christianity.
A cross is a symbol of Protestant Christianity.

A third of the world’s 7.5 billion people consist of Christians. It is geographically spread globally that no single continent can indisputably claim to be the center of Christianity. In early 20th century, a significant portion of Christians was based in Europe. Research conducted by Pew revealed that that is no longer the case and the continent is accountable for only 26%, the Americas (37%), sub-Saharan Africa (24%), and 13% is in Asia and the Pacific. Forty percent of all Christians are Protestants, accounting for a population of nearly 900 million.

10. India (19 million)

Christianity in India accounts for 2.3% of the population; nearly 28 million people, 19 million of who are Protestants. The population of Christians in India is growing particularly in southern India.

9. Kenya (24 million)

Approximately 84% of the population in Kenya practice Christianity. With a population of about 48 million, approximately 40 million are Christians. 47.7% of the total population are Protestants while Roman Catholics comprise 23.4%. The high number of Protestants is attributed to the fact that it was a British colony.

8. Germany (29 million)

63% of the population in Germany practice Christianity while a large portion (33.5) consider themselves religious. Roman Catholic Christianity accounts for 29.5% of the population while 27.9% (29 million) are Protestants. History considers Germany as the birthplace of Protestants, a group of Christians who were against many of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

7. DR Congo (32 million)

95% of the population of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) practices Christianity. Research by PEW indicates that there are nearly 32 million Protestants including Kimbanguists, who represent 48% of the population.

6. United Kingdom (34 million)

Today, nearly 48.5% the population in Britain consider themselves irreligious outnumbering 43.8% who consider themselves Christians. Of the 65 million people, 34% are Protestant, 8% Catholic, and 5% Muslim.

5. South Africa (37 million)

85% of the southernmost country in Africa, South Africa, practices Christianity. 37 million people representing 36% of the population are Protestant Christians. It is the most dominant religion in the country where 15% of its population do not affiliate themselves with any religion. There are more white Protestants than black Protestants in the state.

4. Brazil (41 million)

The South American state of Brazil has approximately 185 million Christians representing 90% of the country’s population. Of these, 41 million are Protestant Christians. Roman Catholics account for a large portion of Christians in the country - in fact, according to PEW research there are more than twice as many Catholics in Brazil as Italy.

3. China (58 million)

The world’s most populous country, China, has approximately 58 million Protestant Christians. Christianity in China is among the fastest growing in the world, and at a 10% annual growth, it is estimated that by 2030, there will be more Christians in China than in the United States.

2. Nigeria (60 million)

The African state of Nigeria has approximately 85 million Christians, 60 million of who are Protestant - the largest number in Africa. Christianity in Nigeria is ever rising since it was introduced by the British in the colonial era although there have been constant conflicts between Muslims and Christians.

1. United States (160 million)

About 20% (160 million) of the global Protestants are found in the United States. The large number is directly linked to the early settlement of Protestant Europeans, particularly the British when the United States was a British colony. There is a significant influence of protestant Christianity particularly in the education sector with Yale and Harvard universities being some of the institutions founded by these Christians.


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