Countries With the Highest Public Transit Use

Passengers take the metro in Moscow, Russia. Editorial credit: Vereshchagin Dmitry /
Passengers take the metro in Moscow, Russia. Editorial credit: Vereshchagin Dmitry /

A large amount of the world's population uses public transport as their primary mode of transportation. Public transport may include buses, rail, or even ferry. The dominance of public transport in a country is influenced by the cost of owning a vehicle, the efficiency of the transport network, the availability of transport infrastructure, and legislative policies. Hong Kong has the highest use of public transport with 80% of the population preferring the mode. Hong Kong is highly congested, and the government discourages the use of private vehicles by levying high taxes on imported vehicles and parking fee. However, Hong Kong is not a sovereign country but instead a Special Administrative Region of China. The following are countries with the highest public transport use:

Countries With the Highest Public Transit Use


Approximately 63% of the Kenyan population uses public transport. The dominance of public transit use in the country is attributed to the high cost of owning a vehicle, the high cost of fuel, and underdeveloped roads. The capital city of Nairobi experiences immense jams. Roads are the primary mode of public transport as rail is largely underdeveloped. In 2017, the country launched the first modern railway service to reduce road congestion and the cost of public transport.


About 57% of Russians use public transport. Public transport is popular in the country because it is cheaper, faster, and extensive. Russia has a vast network of railways, roads, airways. Excellent road and rail systems serve major cities including Saint Petersburg and Moscow. People prefer traveling by train over long distances because it is cheaper and much safer considering that the country’s roads are among the most dangerous in the world. Buses and trams offer transport to residents living close to cities and help reduce traffic jams on the roads.


Approximately 56% of people in Venezuela use public means as a preferred mode of transport. Owning a vehicle in the country is expensive because of taxes levied on imported vehicles. Although the state has the lowest cost of gasoline in the world at 0.01$ per gallon the per capita income is low, and unemployment is high. People cannot, therefore, afford to buy vehicles. The road system is developed than the neighboring countries, and public means are given priority when using the road.

Global Use Of Public Transport

Public transport is quickly becoming a preferred mode of transport across the world as governments invest in roads, rail, airports, and harbors. Unlike private means, public systems mean transport masses over short and long distances. The system reduces traffic congestion on roads and transports expenses. Metro trains have been adopted by larger cities the primary means of transportation because it is fast, safe, cheap, and moves bulk.

Countries With the Highest Public Transit Use

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