Countries With The Highest Divorce Rates In The World

Russia, Followed By Belarus And Ukraine Have The Highest Divorce Rates In The World.
Russia, Followed By Belarus And Ukraine Have The Highest Divorce Rates In The World.

The divorce rates in some countries are recorded higher due to many unavoidable factors that lead to the separation of married couples. There are many general factors associated with the divorce such as being raised in a single parent house, childless marriages, a vast difference in the age of couples, unemployment of either of the partners, etc. Legal factors can also influence the divorce rates of a country. As legal formalities of some of the countries are easy to get through, couples get divorce easily as compared to the countries where it is quite complicated.

Top Countries with Higher Divorce Rates

Divorce is trending faster nowadays and has grown as an epidemic in several countries across the globe. Russia tops the chart of higher divorce rates as five per 1000 of the Russian population whereas Belarus has 3.80, Ukraine has 3.60, Moldova 3.50, Cayman Islands and United States of America 3.40, Bermuda 3.30, Cuba 3.20 and Lithuania 3.10. Russian rate of divorce is recorded all time higher because of a number of reasons that makes the couple separate. The divorce rate is nearing 51%, and according to the reports in the year 2012, nearly 650,000 people got divorced. The reasons for divorce are alcoholism, sub-standard living situations, and financial difficulties. Other factors to add here are poverty, living in cramped houses, inability to compromise, and infidelity. Moreover, the percentage of people who support the cause of marriage have also decreased to 10% in the year 2013. The instability in the growth of the family, domestic violence, adultery, murders of either spouses or spousal suicide is also some of the other factors. While on the other hand, Belarus has the second highest rate in the world with 68% and the reasons are secularization, abortion rates and an increase in poverty. Moreover, 40% of the people living in this part of the country are non-religious, and so murders of priests and attempts to eradicate the belief in God is an add-on factor. Ukraine has a divorce rate of 42% as the people get married as early as possible but this makes them impossible to maintain their marriages. Additional factors of divorce are alcoholism, loss of trust, financial strains, an increase in the number of single-parent families, and easy divorce procedure.

Measures To Improve Higher Divorce Rates

The projects in the Western Countries especially Europe and American nations are working with the couples to fix their marriages. The leading sign of divorce noted is job stress, financial strains, infidelity, irregular work schedules, etc. However, the law officers in various countries are working towards training the couples in marriage skills by giving them the marital education. The government is also running many programs to decrease the divorce rates that make it possible for the couples to communicate in a healthy manner, solve conflicts mutually, marriage enhancements, providing marriage education to engaged couples and many such programs are making the way for reducing the divorce rates in these countries.

The Countries With Highest Divorce Rates In The World

RankCountryDivorce Rate (per thousand people), 2010
5Cayman Islands3.40
6United States3.40

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