Countries Where Animal Testing is Illegal

Icons that indicated a product that has not been tested on animals.
Icons that indicated a product that has not been tested on animals.

Animal testing is the practice of using animals as subjects to test the effects of certain substances or compounds before they are used by humans. The practice has been regarded as a form of animal cruelty by animal welfare groups around the world. These groups have been lobbying for years to have animal testing banned, and they have been successful in a few countries which have made it illegal for companies to carry out animal testing. Some of the regions where animal testing have been illegalized include India, the European Union, New Zealand, Israel, and Norway. Such laws are also being proposed in South Korea, Argentina, the United States, Taiwan, and Canada.

Countries Where Animal Testing is Illegal

The European Union

The European Union, in 2013, passed legislation that instituted a ban on the sale of animal-tested products in the European Union. The law makes it illegal for products whose manufacturers use animal testing in their production, to be sold in European Union markets regardless of the country of origin. The ban came after the EU Legislature passed the earlier legislation that made it illegal for cosmetic companies in the European Union to subject animals to tests in the manufacturing of their products. The ban goes a long way in animal right protection and, besides, it protects the over 0.5 billion consumers around the European Union from the guilt of using animal-tested products.


As Asia’s second-most populous country, India has been a popular destination for consumer products including those known to carry animal testing when they are produced. However, India did away with such products after becoming one of the few countries which have banned animal-tested products. The ban on animal-tested substances came after the government gave in to tremendous pressure exerted by the Union Minister, animal rights organizations, and PETA India. Many influential people in India such as celebrities were also instrumental in pressuring the government to institute the ban, using their influence to obtain public support. The country instituted a total ban on animal-tested cosmetics through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The ban was made in the amendment on the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another country where animal testing has been made illegal. The ban on animal testing was according to provisions of the animal welfare bill after the country’s Primary Industries Minister changed. In a major show of support, the country’s Parliament voted unanimously in support of the bill, effectively making it law. New Zealand’s government decision to ban animal testing came after years of lobbying from the country’s opposition and animal rights groups in the country. Inspired by the ban, the country is also considering banning imported goods whose manufacturers are known to conduct animal testing. The effects of the ban on such imports would be most profound on the cosmetics industry as cosmetics are infamous for animal testing.

Proposed Ban

Other countries around the world are also in the process of establishing laws that will ban animal testing and the sale of animal-tested products. Examples include Taiwan and Canada whose respective legislatures proposed laws aimed make illegal on animal testing and animal-tested products.

Countries Where Animal Testing is Illegal

1European Union
6New Zealand

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