Countries Earning The Most From International Tourism

US, France, and Spain earn millions of dollars from international tourists visiting the country every year.

Tourism plays an important role in the economy and it is a major source of revenue for most countries around the world. Countries have invested in tourist attraction sites and infrastructure within their countries to attract both domestic and international tourists. International tourists account for more than 50% of revenue earned from tourism in most countries. An expense incurred by inbound international visitors on goods and services and sometimes passenger items received in the country visited is referred to as international tourism receipt. These payments may include airfare, accommodation fees, shopping fee, money spent on food, and entrance fee paid for public facilities.

Countries Earning The Most From International Tourism

United States

Some of the famous sites most frequently visited in 2014 included the British Museum, the National Gallery, Tower of London, and the Science Museum.

Foreign Tourists Serve as an Economic Boost

International tourism is a major source of revenue that directly affects the growth of a country’s economy. The revenue generated from tourism can be used to develop other sectors of the economy such as transport, health, and education. International tourism has also opened up employment in most countries especially in the local communities. France recorded a total of 1.2 million jobs created as a result of tourism leading to the further generation of revenue through taxes. Hotels have also been built to meet the high demand for accommodation in the visited countries. International relations have also been strengthened through international tourism.

Countries Earning The Most From International Tourism

RankCountry2014 (million)
1United States220,757.00
4United Kingdom62,830.00
7Macao SAR, China51,556.00
8Hong Kong SAR, China46,031.00

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