Countries By GNI Per Capita

Doha, Qatar. Qatar is the world's richest country by GNI.
Doha, Qatar. Qatar is the world's richest country by GNI.

The gross national income (GNI) of a nation refers to the total that is obtained after adding the gross domestic product (GDP) and net income from foreign sources. Also known as the gross national product (GNP), the GNI is a total measure of a country’s income from both local and foreign sources. On the other hand, the GDP is a measure of income produced within the bounds of that country by anyone. In other words, GNI is used to measure a nation’s income while the GDP measures the production.

One thing to note is that even though GNI and GNP are similar concepts, their calculations are a bit different. For this reason, some analyses will state that the two do not point to the same thing. However, over the years, international statistics has been gradually replacing GNP with the GNI. All numbers come from the World Bank

Countries by GNI per capita

By definition, the GNI per capita of a nation simply refers to the average income of the citizens of a particular nation. The figure is obtained by diving the final annual income by the population of the country. Based on the purchasing power parity (PPP) data from 2016, Qatar has the world’s highest GNI per capita with a figure of $128,050. Macau (China) was second with a value of $105,790 while Singapore came in the third position with $90,570. Brunei and Kuwait closed the top five with values of $83,760 and $83,310 respectively. Among the profiled nations, the Central African Republic and Burundi were the poorest nations with each having a GNI per capita of a mere $730.


Qatar is easily the richest nation in the world because of the massive wealth in the form of petroleum and natural gas. These two resources account for at least 70% of the revenue received by the government as well as significant chunks of the GDP and export revenue. The high revenue and the relatively small population of around 2.6 million people also contribute to the high value.

Macau (China)

Macau is a small country (around 30.5 square kilometers) with a population of only 650,000 people. These two things, combined with the strong leisure and entertainment industry in the country easily place it in the second position. Compared to Las Vegas, Macau’s gambling industry is at least seven times as big with massive casinos such as the Venetian Macao, which is the largest globally.


Burundi highlights some of the problems that face the globe’s poorest continent, that is, Africa. Located in the East African region, the country is plagued with issues like conflict, mismanagement of public resources, overpopulation, and drought. However, the biggest issue has been conflict and poor leadership that have plagued the nation for a long time.

Limitation of Measuring by GNI

Unfortunately, as an indicator of the economic situation of a country, the above method has its challenges. One of its biggest criticisms is that it does not provide any indication of the living standards in a nation. This means that a higher GNI per capita does not necessarily mean a better living standard for people. For this reason, it cannot be used on its own.

Countries By GNI Per Capita

RankCountryGNI (PPP)
1 Qatar128,050
2 Macau (China)105,790
3 Singapore90,570
4 Brunei83,760
5 Kuwait83,310
6 United Arab Emirates74,410
7 Luxembourg72,690
8 Switzerland65,610
9 Hong Kong (China)64,100
10 Norway63,980
11 Republic of Ireland61,910
12 United States60,200
13 Saudi Arabia54,700
14 Iceland53,280
15 Austria52,500
16 Denmark52,390
17 Netherlands52,200
18 Germany51,680
19 Sweden50,980
20 Belgium48,240
21 Australia47,160
22 Canada46,070
23 Finland45,400
24 Japan44,850
25 Bahrain44,850
26 France43,790
27 United Kingdom42,560
28 Oman40,240
29 New Zealand39,740
30 Italy39,640
31 Malta38,620
32 South Korea38,340
33 Spain37,990
34 Israel37,910
35 Aruba (Netherlands)36,920
36 Czech Republic34,450
37 Slovenia33,980
38 Cyprus33,610
39 Lithuania31,910
40 Estonia31,100
41 Portugal30,980
42 Slovakia30,880
43 Trinidad and Tobago30,520
44 The Bahamas29,790
45 Malaysia28,660
46 Latvia27,990
47 Poland27,970
48 Greece27,620
49 Hungary26,960
50 Seychelles26,840
51 Saint Kitts and Nevis26,710
52 Puerto Rico (US)26,320
53 Turkey26,170
54 Romania25,940
55 Croatia25,810
56 Russia24,890
57 Chile23,670
58 Kazakhstan23,530
59 Mauritius22,600
60 Antigua and Barbuda22,420
61 Panama22,190
62 Uruguay21,870
63 Bulgaria21,220
64 Iran20,880
65 Argentina20,250
66 Libya19,960
67 Montenegro19,750
68 Equatorial Guinea19,350
69 Belarus18,120
70 Nauru17,960
71 Mexico17,840
72 Barbados17,630
73 Turkmenistan17,250
74 Thailand17,040
75 Gabon16,940
76 World16,902
77 China16,760
78 Azerbaijan16,650
79 Iraq16,530
80 Botswana16,420
81 Costa Rica16,200
82 Dominican Republic15,290
83 Brazil15,200
84 Maldives15,130
85 Algeria15,020
86 North Macedonia14,680
87 Palau14,390
88 Serbia14,360
89 Lebanon14,350
90 Colombia14,090
91 Grenada13,720
92 South Africa13,090
93 Albania13,050
94 Bosnia and Herzegovina13,050
95 Saint Lucia12,980
96 Peru12,880
97 Suriname12,850
98 Paraguay12,680
99 Sri Lanka12,490
100 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines12,430
101 Indonesia11,900
102 Tunisia11,530
103 Egypt11,360
104 Ecuador11,330
105 Mongolia11,100
106 Kosovo11,020
107 Namibia10,300
108 Georgia10,110
109 Armenia10,030
110 Philippines10,030
111 Dominica9,790
112 Jordan9,110
113 Fiji9,090
114 Ukraine8,900
115 Jamaica8,740
116 Bhutan8,580
117 Eswatini8,480
118 Guyana8,210
119 Morocco8,060
120 Guatemala8,000
121 Belize7,800
122 El Salvador7,540
123 Bolivia7,340
124 Uzbekistan7,130
125 India6,980
126 Laos6,650
127 Cape Verde6,640
128 Vietnam6,450
129 Angola6,440
130 Samoa6,420
131 East Timor6,330
132 Moldova6,090
133 Tonga6,050
134 Myanmar6,010
135 Pakistan5,830
136 Tuvalu5,780
137 Nigeria5,700
138 Nicaragua5,680
139 Marshall Islands5,590
140 State of Palestine5,560
141 Republic of the Congo4,920
142 Honduras4,630
143 Sudan4,480
144 Federated States of Micronesia4,290
145 Kiribati4,280
146 Ghana4,280
147 Bangladesh4,040
148 Papua New Guinea4,030
149 Mauritania3,890
150 Zambia3,890
151 Ivory Coast3,820
152 Cambodia3,760
153 Tajikistan3,690
154 Cameroon3,640
155 Kyrgyzstan3,620
156 São Tomé and Príncipe3,370
157 Senegal3,360
158 Lesotho3,290
159 Kenya3,250
160 Vanuatu3,170
161 Tanzania2,920
162 Comoros2,760
163 Nepal2,730
164 Yemen2,590
165 Solomon Islands2,270
166 Benin2,260
167 Guinea2,230
168 Zimbabwe2,210
169 Mali2,160
170 Rwanda1,990
171 Afghanistan1,980
172 Chad1,920
173 Ethiopia1,890
174 Haiti1,830
175 Uganda1,820
176 Burkina Faso1,800
177 Togo1,720
178 Guinea-Bissau1,700
179 The Gambia1,660
180 Madagascar1,510
181 Sierra Leone1,500
182 Mozambique1,210
183 Malawi1,180
184 Liberia1,160
185 Niger990
186 Democratic Republic of the Congo870
187 Central African Republic730
188 Burundi730

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