Cities With The Most Billionaires In The World

New York has more billionaires than any other city.
New York has more billionaires than any other city.

A billionaire is a person whose net worth is worth at least one billion $USD. There are said to be 2,208 billionaires in the world, with China having the highest number. Together, these billionaires have more wealth than the GDP of 152 countries. New York has more billionaires than any other city in the world. Below is a list of cities with the most billionaires. 

New York - 103

New York remains the city with the highest number of billionaires in the world. A total of 103 billionaires call New York home. New York is home to two of the top ten richest men on earth; industrialist David Koch who is worth $39.6 billion and media personality and New York’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg who is worth $40 billion. Most of New York’s billionaires made their fortunes in finance and media others like Stephen Ross, David Walentas, Leonard Stern, Jerry Speyer, and Jeff Sutton built or inherited real estate empires.

Hong Kong - 93

Top ten Hong Kong billionaires have a net worth that is equal to 35% of the city’s economy. The city has 93 billionaires in total. Some of the billionaires in Hong Kong include Sir Li Ka-Shing who has a net worth of $33.3 billion made from his holdings company. Lee Shau-kee, a land developer with a net worth of $24.8 billion, Raymond, Thomas, and Walter Kwok whose net worth from properties is $15.9 billion are also some of the notable billionaires. Other Billionaires in Hong Kong include Cheng Yu-tun whose net worth is $14.4 from New World Development and Lui Che-woo who owns a galaxy entertainment and whose net worth is $13.5 billion.

MoCity Of Dreams

Other cities around the world with a sizeable number of billionaires include Moscow, San Francisco, Beijing, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Soul, Shenzhen, and San Francisco. Most these cities are the city of dreams for all seeking opportunity to invest or employment and have a share of the wealth. These cities are major financial centers because of their business environment, human capital, financial sector development, infrastructure, and a reputation of other factors that act as a magnet attracting people from all over the world. All the key companies are home to these cities like the major banks, Investment Advisors, Insurance companies, and manufacturing giants.

Number of Billionaires By City

RankCityBillionaire Count
1New York103
2Hong Kong93
3San Francisco74

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