Canadian Cities By Immigration Population

Flags from all around the world on a building in Toronto.
Flags from all around the world on a building in Toronto.

By definition, immigration simply means the movement of people from their native countries to go live in other countries. These people can move to these other countries permanently or temporarily (such as foreign employees in other countries). In the world today, there are millions of immigrants with the number steadily increasing. For example, in 2015, the global number of immigrants stood at a whopping 244 million people. Compared to 2000, the figure from 2015 represented an increase of about 41%. People may move for a variety of reasons, called push and pull factors

In 2016, Canada held a census in order to document population data about the country. From the census, it was established that Toronto had the highest number of immigrants at a massive 2,705,550 people. Vancouver was a distant second with a population of 989,545 immigrants while Montreal was third with 936,305 immigrants. Closing the top five was Calgary and Edmonton with 404,700 and 308,610 immigrants respectively.

Canadian Cities With Large Immigrant Populations


This city is extremely popular among immigrants for a number of reasons. One of those reasons in the relative ease with which a person moving there can settle compared to other cities. The city is relatively safe and has great social amenities (like schools and hospitals).


Vancouver is also a popular multicultural city that has built a reputation over the years as a haven for immigrants from all over the world. Some of the other things that make Vancouver such a popular city include great immigrant services, great weather that supports outdoor activities, a low crime rate, and loads of festivals and entertainment all year.


Edmonton, in the province of Alberta, is a perfect example of the growing popularity of immigrants in the province. The city and province at large are particularly popular among skilled immigrants. 

The Popularity of the Prairies

The prairies provinces, that is, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan pop out on the list as some of the most popular immigrant destinations in Canada. Data shows that the past decade and a half has seen a doubling in the number of immigrants in these provinces. For example, Alberta had an increase of around 17.1% in 2016 up from 2001’s 6.9%. A similar case was observed in the other two provinces with Manitoba and Saskatchewan seeing increases of 5.2% and 4.0% respectively in the same period.

Canadian Cities By Immigration Population

RankCityImmigration Population
12Oshawa 67,570
13St. Catharines–Niagara67,190
14Victoria 65,610
15Saskatoon 45,155

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