Brazilian States By Literacy Rate

High levels of literacy rates begin in the classroom.
High levels of literacy rates begin in the classroom.

Over the years following its independence, Brazil’s literacy rates have increased. Currently, the country has high literacy rates, with more than 90% of the population being literate. Both males and females in Brazil show an almost equal literacy rate at 91.3% for males and 91.6% for females. Improvements in the Brazilian education sector have played a significant role in reducing illiteracy rates among citizens. Most people above the age of 15 can read and write.

A keen approach to equality in school enrolment has seen the number of literate females increase over the years, closing the gap between male and female literacy. As the education system is decentralized, all Brazilian states have educational institutions.

Brazilian States With The Highest Literacy Rates

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest state in Brazil and one with the highest literacy rates of 99%. About 17% of the population of Sao Paulo have a college degree, and more than 97 percent of persons aged above 10 years are literate. The high literacy rates are attributed to the education system that demands that children between 6 and 14 attend school. Sao Paulo is home to more than 500 universities.

Rio de Janeiro

Like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro has a literacy rate of 99%, which is above the national average. Rio de Janeiro has more than 1000 municipal schools which accommodate more than 80% of the population. Its education system is among the best in Brazil with some of the colleges and universities ranking among the best in Latin America.

Espirito Santo

Espirito Santo is a southeast Brazilian state with a literacy rate of 99%. While the rates are high, some problems still affect the state including low school attendance for students from low income backgrounds. Low income increases the rate of school dropouts for those above fourteen years thus reducing the number of those with higher education.

Santa Catarina

At 99%, Santa Catarina has one of the highest literacy rates in Brazil. The state is home to more than 100 educational institutions. The primary languages used for instruction include Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German. Santa Catarina has some of the highest rates of elementary education completion at 62%, as well as high pass rates for high school.

The Rio Grande do Sul

The Rio Grande do Sul has one of the best education systems in Brazil and a high literacy rate of about 99%. The state has more than 15,000 schools with high enrolment and completion rates. Illiteracy in the state is almost half of the national average.

Challenges To Literacy In Brazil

While the literacy rates in Brazil are impressive, there are some challenges facing the education sector, which compromise the literacy rates. While literacy rates for females are rising, those for males are declining particularly due to child labor. The government has introduced measures such as adult education to cater for those who have no access to education.

Brazilian States By Literacy Rate

RankStateLiteracy (2014)
1São Paulo99%
2Rio de Janeiro99%
3Espírito Santo99%
4Santa Catarina99%
5Rio Grande do Sul99%
7Distrito Federal98.8%
8Minas Gerais98.6%
10Mato Grosso do Sul97%
13Rio Grande do Norte95.1%
16Mato Grosso94%

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