Biggest Cities In Kazakhstan

With 1.7 million residents, Almaty is the most populous city in Kazakhstan, and arguably its most important culturally, economically, and politically as well.


Kazakhstan is a unitary dominant party republic located in the central region of the Asian continent. The capital is in Astana while the largest city is Almaty. The country has an estimated population of 17,993,500 with a population density of 16.82 people per square mile. The Kazakhs are the predominant ethnic groups, making up 63.6% of the total population. Kazakhstan has a very high literacy level with compulsory secondary level education, and the adult literacy level stands at 99.5%.

Biggest Cities In Kazakhstan

Almaty City

Almaty city was first settled in 10th century BC but was designated a city status in 1867. It covers an area of 263 square miles with a population of 1,703,481 square miles. The city served as the capital of the country from 1929 to 1977 when the government relocated the capital to Astana. Today it is still the major commercial and cultural city of Kazakhstan. In 1887, a major earthquake almost destroyed the entire city in less than fifteen minutes. Almaty is a relatively cold city with an average temperature being 10 degrees Celsius and the city sometimes experience snowfalls, especially in May. The annual precipitation is 700 mm. There is a total of 23 universities in Almaty, and the general literacy levels are quite high. There are several sights to look out for in Almaty. They include; Kok Tobe tower, the Mendeu speed skating and bandy rink, Shymbulak ski resort, and the big Almaty Lake.

Astana City

Astana City is the capital of Kazakhstan, and it is located in the Northern parts of the country on the Ishim River. It was established in 1830 as Akmoly and has changed the name several times; it was named Astana in 1998. The city covers an area of 274.2 square miles and a population of 860,368 people. It was made the capital in December 1997. Astana is a well-planned city, and it was designed by a Japanese architect, Kisho Kurokawa. The city is located in an area which is rich in water bodies and as such experiences high number f mosquitoes. The WHO declared the country as malaria free in 2012. The economy of the city is based on trade, industrial production, transport, communication, and construction. Some notable buildings and features include; Astana Bridge, Ishim River, Kazakh El Monument, Baytekerek towers, and Nazarbayev University.

Shymkent City

It was founded in the 12th century as Chimkent city and the name was changed in 1993 in a bid by the government to apply Kazakh names to cities. The total population is approximately 854,500 living in an area of 134 square miles. Shymkent is traditionally known to produce lead, and a lead smelting plant was established in 1934. The air pollution in the city is very high due to the smelting of lead. Other industries include those producing zinc, karakul pelts, textiles, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals. The city has a bike sharing system, and you can borrow one to tour the city. The main sights in the city include; Regional Studies Museum, Victory Park, Central Park, Museum of Repression, Afghan war memorial, and Al-Farabi shopping center.

Karaganda City

Karaganda city was founded in 1931, and today has a population of 459,778 people. It is the capital of Karaganda region and is the fourth largest city in the country in terms of population. The name Karaganda emanates from caragana bushes which are found in abundance in the area. In 1962, the city experienced the worst ever electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects after its electrical power plant was set ablaze by currents induced from a USSR power cable which was shallow buried. Industrialization in the city is high due to the nearby coal mines. Irtysh-Karaganda canal was constructed in a bid to supply the metropolitan area with water from the Irtysh River. The original location of the city is almost deserted and is known as the old town. It is one of tourist attraction sites in the country.

Other Big Cities In Kazakhstan

There are other cities in Kazakhstan with a population of more than 250,000; they include; Taraz city, Aktobe city, Pavlodar city, Oskemen city, Semey city, and Oral city.

Biggest Cities In Kazakhstan

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