Best Countries for Beach Vacations

A beachfront property in Thailand.
A beachfront property in Thailand.

Beaches have for a long time been great tourist attractions. Having a moment beside the waters or on a lagoon is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. The feeling is even better and more satisfying if you can stay on the beach and get to have meals or boat rides. This is where the idea of beachfront hotels comes to play. These hotels have the potential of attracting many tourists simply because they are beside water surfaces. The number of beachfront hotels in countries practically dictate the number of tourists that flock in. The resource has put together a list of the countries with the most beachfront hotels. 

Over the years, America and Europe were the bigwigs but lately, Asia has come in and changed the patterns. Thailand, in particular, is a country that has outstripped the long time frontrunners like the United States, Mexico and Italy. Surveys done in the past two years by the World Tourist Organization revealed that Thailand holds the number one position among countries with the most beachfront hotels. This is very incredible considering that comparing the physical size of Thailand to the entire United States of America is like a joke – we can reasonably compare it with individual states.

Thailand has risen so fast because it was just in 2013 when it managed a position among the top 10 countries with the largest number of tourists. Philippines too has risen really fast. Located in the Southeast Asia like Thailand, Philippines featured in the latest list of the countries with the largest number of beachfronts, emerging ahead of its Mediterranean counterparts like Greece and Italy.

The Caribbean parts are not any better. Tourism over the past years has gone lower and it is predicted that the numbers will even be lower than the current 2.1% in some few years to come. It looks like the Asian countries are taking away tourists and it is all because of the beach resorts.

The big question that crosses your mind as you read these figures is why? Why is there tourist influx in Asian countries and relative lassitude on the Mediterranean and Caribbean sides? Well, before answering, think of the big, modernized beach resorts in Mediterranean compared to the small clusters in Asia. This almost says that big is not the solution and variety appeals more. Another reason there is a tourist influx in Asia is of course man’s natural curiosity; new things are preferred over the old. Asia is a young player in the market and it hasn’t been explored fully in terms of structure and the cuisine. Mediterranean and Caribbean were the tourist sites from long ago. In fact most tourists are from Europe and America. Most would prefer a spot distant from home.

With Asia rising steadily, they are likely to stay at the top in the fields of tourism and beachfront hotels. However, the only thing that will perpetuate this is if the beach resorts are properly maintained. The water bodies also need to be kept free of contamination to ensure those tourist-packed airlines from Europe keep coming. On the other side, Europe and America can take up the challenge and being wealthy, money will be pumped into projects to up their game.

Countries With The Largest Number Of Beachfront Hotels

RankCountry# Of Hotels
2United States1,016
10Sri Lanka297

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