The 10 Most Popular Vacations in the US

Alaskan cruises offer tourists the opportunity to see beautiful ice formations such as glaciers.
Alaskan cruises offer tourists the opportunity to see beautiful ice formations such as glaciers.

The United States is the second most visited country in the world after France. On average, 75.6 million international visitors flock to the United States. However, international tourists are not the only people visiting the United States. Domestic tourism dominates the tourism sector. In 2013 domestic tourists embarked on 2.1 billion trips and by the end of 2018 the figure is set to rise to 2.2 billion trips and contribute US$945.4 billion.

The 10 Most Popular Vacations in the US

Alaskan Cruise

The Alaskan Cruise is the most visited destination by domestic tourists in the country, 47.9% of domestic tourists visit Alaska to cruise in the several cruisers. Cruising Alaska offers tourists an opportunity to visit the ice formations of Icy Strait and Glacier Bay, the ports of Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando city in Florida is the second most visited place by domestic tourists. Orlando is the third largest city in Florida by population and it is considered the “Theme Park Capital of the World” because of its beautiful nature. It is home to the Walt Disney World, and the Universal Orlando Resort. About 38.6% of domestic tourists visit Orlando.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas in the largest city in Nevada and the third most visited place by domestic tourists. The “Gambling capital of the world” is popular among tourists who seek urban entertainment such as clubbing, gambling, and partying. About 35.4% of domestic tourists visit the city.


The Hawaiian island of Maui and the city of Honolulu on O'ahu island rank fourth and sixth respectively. Maui is visited by 30.9% of domestic tourists while about 25.7% of Americans choose Honolulu as their vacation destination. A further 16.5% choose to cruise through the waters and beaches of Hawaii placing Hawaiian cruises in seventh place. Several travel agencies offer cruise services across the entire Hawaiian Islands.

Other Cities

New York city ranks fifth with 27.7% of domestic tourism. Miami/Miami Beach in Florida is a destination choice for 15.5% of American tourists ranking eight. Miami Beach is the most visited beach in the United States due to its magnificent white sands, hotels, and nightlife. Washington D.C and the city of Los Angeles in California ranks ninth and tenth respectively. Washington D.C is visited by 14.7% of domestic tourists while Los Angles is a popular destination for 12.9% of American tourists.

Trends in Tourism in the US

Domestic tourism in the United States is set to continue growing while the international tourism is set to decline. Recent migration and visa regulations enacted by the Trump administration has limited the number of people who can visit the US, consequentially hurting the tourism industry. Domestic tourism continues to play a significant role and is expected to keep rising.

The 10 Most Popular Vacations in the US

RankTop US DestinationsPercentage of Domestic 2018 Bookings
1Alaskan Cruise, Alaska47.9%
2Orlando, Florida38.6%
3Las Vegas, Nevada35.4%
4Maui, Hawaii30.9%
5New York City, New York27.7%
6Honolulu, Hawaii25.7%
7Hawaiian Cruise, Hawaii16.5%
8Miami/Miami Beach, Florida15.5%
9Washington, DC14.7%
10Los Angeles, California12.9%

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