A List Of Important Mango Cultivars And The Countries From Where They Come

Alphonso is a seasonal mango fruit renowned for its sweetness and flavor.
Alphonso is a seasonal mango fruit renowned for its sweetness and flavor.

Hundreds of mango cultivars exist worldwide. Multiple cultivars can be grown in an orchard to improve the quality of mango produced through cross-pollination. In India, there are over 280 types of mangoes of which just about 30 are well known. The state of Florida, in the US, is one of the largest depositories of mango plant in the world with over 400 varieties. Most of the mango varieties available in grocery stores in the US trace their lineage to the Hadem mango tree which was planted by Jack Haden in 1902.

Alampur Baneshan

Alampur Baneshan cultivar originated from India. It is a medium-sized fruit with the appearance ranging from green to yellow. The mango has a thin skin and is fibreless. The ripe flesh ranges from yellow to orange-yellow. Alampur Baneshan stays green even when ripe although a slight yellowing is often noted near the stalk. The skin has distinct whitish pores. The ripe fruit has a deep flavor with a slight taste of cinnamon and other Indian cultivars like the Alphonso. Alampur Baneshan is also cultivated in the US in large scale.


Alice mango cultivar originated from South Florida. It is an oval-shaped fruit averaging less than one pound in weight at maturity. The apex is rounded and does not contain any beak. The skin has a strong scent, is fibreless, and is also very sweet. The Alice mango tree is a vigorous grower with the fruit ripening from late June to July with the fruit containing mono-embryonic seed. The tree first fruited in 1940 and was named in 1950.


Alphonso is a seasonal mango fruit considered among the most superior variety of fruits regarding sweetness and flavor. The cultivar is named after General Afonso de Albuquerque who helped to establish Portuguese colonies in India. Alphonso was introduced as a result of grafting of mango trees which was a common practice by the Portuguese. Alphonso mango is one of the most expensive mango varieties. It is grown in several places including India, Pakistan, Ecuador, Egypt, Nepal, and the US. The fruit has a rich, tender texture, and low fiber content. The skin of a fully ripe fruit turns golden yellow with a tinge of red spreading across the top of the fruit.


Amrapali mango was introduced in 1971 and was a hybrid variety of Dasheri and Neelum. The variety was developed in India by Dr. Pijush Kanti Majumdar. The mango has been introduced in several farms not only in Delhi but also in other areas across India. Amrapali mango tree is a dwarf tree but a regular bearer. The tree bears small sized fruits. The flesh color varies but is mostly deep orange-red while the fruit contains more beta-carotene content than other varieties. The fruit has a shorter shelf-life compared to other varieties.


The original Anderson mango tree was developed from Sandersha mango tree which was obtained from Jamaica. The seed owes its namesake to its original planting on L F Anderson’s farm in Miami, Florida. The fruit is also long and slender with a small lateral beak. The skin of the fruit is thick and is green to yellow in color with a blush of crimson while the fruit is yellow and acidic or mild in flavor.

A List Of Important Mango Cultivars And The Countries From Where They Come

Common name(s) of mangoOrigin/ region
Alampur BaneshanIndia, United States
AliceUnited States
AlphonsoIndia, Pakistan, Ecuador, Egypt, Sudan, United States, Nepal
AndersonUnited States
AngieFlorida, United States
Anwar RatolMultan, Punjab (Pakistan)
AtaulfoEcuador, Mexico
Bailey's MarvelUnited States
Bennet AlphonsoUnited States
BeverlyUnited States
Black and RoseIndia Kerala
BombayIndia, Nepal, United States
Brahm Kai MeuUnited States
BrooksAustralia, United States
Carabao (Philippine Mango)Philippines
CarrieUnited States
ChaunsaIndia, Sindh, Pakistan
Coconut CreamUnited States
Chok ananPakistan, Bangladesh, India, Thailand
CogshallUnited States
CushmanUnited States
DasheriIndia, Nepal, Pakistan,
DotUnited States
Dudhiya MaldaIndia, Nepal
DuncanUnited States
EarlygoldUnited States
EdwardUnited States
EldonUnited States
EmeraldUnited States
Fazli (mango)Bangladesh, India
Fajri KalanPakistan
FairchildUnited States
FascellUnited States
FlorigonUnited States
FordUnited States
GaryUnited States
Gir KesarGujarat (India)
GlennItaly, United States
Gold NuggetUnited States
Golden LippensUnited States
GrahamUnited States
Green WillardSri Lanka
HadenAustralia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States
HatcherUnited States
HeidiSouth Africa
Himayat / Imam PasandIndia
HimsagarBangladesh, India, Nepal
Ice CreamUnited States
IrwinAustralia, Costa Rica, United States, Taiwan, Japan (Okinawa)
JakartaUnited States
Jean EllenUnited States
JulieEcuador, United States
KalepadAndhra Pradesh, India
KeittAustralia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy, South Africa, United States
Kensington PrideAustralia, Italy, United States
KentAustralia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, United States
Kohu AmbaSri Lanka
LancetillaHonduras, United States
LangraIndia, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
LippensUnited States
Madame FrancisHaiti
MahachanokAsia, United States
MallikaIndia, Nepal, United States
Malwana (mango)Sri Lanka
ManilitaUnited States
ManoharPunjab, India
Momi K[12]Hawaii, United States
Muhammad WalaPakistan
MulgobaIndia, United States
NeelamIndia, Pakistan
OsteenItaly, Spain, United States
PalmerAustralia, Brazil, United States
ParvinUnited States
Pina ColadaUnited States
RaspuriKarnataka, India
Red WillardSri Lanka
RosigoldUnited States
RubyUnited States
SaigonUnited States
SindhriSindh Pakistan
Sammar BahishtPakistan, India
SensationSouth Africa, United States
SindhriMirpur Khas district, Sindh province of Pakistan
Sophie FryUnited States
Southern BlushUnited States
Spirit of '76United States
SpringfelsUnited States
SunsetUnited States
Tommy AtkinsBrazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, United States, Venezuela
TorbertUnited States
TurpentineUnited States
Valencia PrideSouth Africa, United States
Van DykeItaly, United States
Vellai KolombanSri Lanka
YoungUnited States
ZillSouth Africa, United States

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