12 Countries With The Highest Percentage Of Female College Professors

Although gender equality has made great strides, there are still many industries in which opportunities are not equal between the sexes.
Although gender equality has made great strides, there are still many industries in which opportunities are not equal between the sexes.

Throughout most of the countries of the world, the teaching profession in primary and secondary levels is often dominated by women. That is not the case in the college and university levels where we find more male professors as compared to their female counterparts. This difference represents the global gender disparity in employment, pay, and education. There are countries however that have defied the odds and instead posted a higher percentage of female professors. Below is a look at the countries ranked among the top 12 countries with the highest proportion of female college professors according to the data by World Bank.

Top Countries With The Highest Percentage Of Female College Professors

Asia has 4 out of the top 5 countries with more women teachers with Belarus being the only European country in the top 5. The number of female professors in these countries is due to the opportunities given to women

Kazakhstan - 68%

Topping the list of countries with more college professors is Kazakhstan. Schooling in Kazakhstan is compulsory and funded by the state hence setting the foundation for a good number of female scholars who proceed to the highest level of education. Teachers in Kazakhstan are overworked and underpaid since only 60% of the countries average wage goes to school salaries. This fact explains further the high number of female professors as they are more tolerant to low pay as compared to their male counterparts. The college infrastructure is not of the best standards in Kazakhstan hence most of the government education funding goes to repairing of buildings.

Belarus - 61%

Belarus is ranked second with the highest number of female college professors at 61%. Belarus has a 96% female enrollment to primary schools hence a significant number proceeding to secondary level and the highest level of education. Higher education in Belarus is in two stages the first being specialized diploma and the second is a professional master’s research. In Belarus, there is equality in the education system as men and women share the same situations in regards to career guidance.

Mongolia - 60%

Mongolia is the third country with the highest level of female professors with 60% despite having lower government spending on higher education compared to other leading Asian countries. The college teachers earn less and again overworked, and this discourages most of the male professors leaving a lot of vacancies to the females. The level of infrastructure is also poor as amount allocated for renovations is little. All the poor working conditions in the higher education system have led to fewer male teachers as they leave the profession to engage in other more profitable business.

Other Nations With A High Percentage Of Female College Professors

Armenia is the third Asian country with the highest female college professors with 57%. The gender difference is not due to the implementation of gender policies but rather the undermining of the profession as opposed to the lucrative private sector. Other countries that show a higher number of females include Azerbaijan with 56%, Bermuda is at the 6th position with 55%, followed by Cuba at 54% then the Albania the second European country on the list with 52%. St Lucia and Belize completes the top 10 list at 52% and 51% respectively. The remaining countries are Turkmenistan and Georgia with 50% each. For all these countries, education system gives equal opportunities regarding school enrolment hence boosting the number of female students who attain the highest level of education. The teaching profession in these countries also pays less compared to private sectors hence more male leave the job in search for better pay.

Factos Affecting The Recruitment Of Female College Professors

From the above analysis, it is clear that the number of female college professors is dependent on gender equality in the education system. When both male and female students have equal opportunity to enroll in the primary and secondary schools, the same equality will translate to the number proceeding to the highest level. Another factor that has also come clear is the inequality of salary payment among different sectors of governments as the teaching profession pays less hence not becoming a target by more males who require high pay. Efforts, therefore, should be put in place so as to improve the working conditions so to improve on gender balance in this profession.

12 Countries With The Highest Percentage Of Female College Professors

Rank0Proportion Of Females Among College Teachers
1Kazakhstan 68%
2Belarus 61%
3Mongolia 60%
4Armenia 57%
5Azerbaijan 56%
6Bermuda 55%
7Cuba 54%
8Albania 52%
9St. Lucia 52%
10Belize 51%
11Turkmenistan 50%
12Georgia 50%

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