10 Unique McDonald's Menu Items From Around the World

Around the globe, McDonald's menu options usually go far beyond the standard cheeseburger.
Around the globe, McDonald's menu options usually go far beyond the standard cheeseburger.

Founded in the United States in 1955, McDonald's is the world’s largest hamburger specialist and one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains in the world. With presence in more than 120 countries, it is estimated that McDonald's serves approximately seventy million people daily. However, McDonald's servings have different menus to cater for the specific tastes of different customer bases. Here are some of the most uniquely interesting menu items that can be found in all corners of the globe.

10. United Kingdom - Chicken Legend

In the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom sells something called the "chicken legend". The Chicken Legend is a succulent white chicken breast layered with flavored butter. The flavor can be spicy tomato salsa, BBQ sauce, or mayonnaise. This is sandwiched between layers of fresh Batavia lettuce and brown bake house roll that is also soft, fresh and spongy when pressed by hand.

9. New Zealand- Kiwiburger

McDonald’s locations in New Zealand have been selling the kiwi burger since 1976 with periods of discontinuation and re-introduction in between. The kiwi burger is a burger that consists of beef patty, griddle egg, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onions, mustard and ketchup on a toasted bun. The griddle egg is first cooked on a special grill with optimum temperature and timing for best results.

8. Brazil - Banana Oven Pies

The banana oven pie is made from dulce de leche, bananas, graham crackers, cream, and sugar. The graham crackers are crushed and mixed with butter to form the dough. It is then baked in the oven. After dulce du leche is added to the baked dough, pieces of bananas are then put on top followed by a mixture of cream and sugar. The meal is then refrigerated for a few hours before serving. Banana oven pies are a favorite among consumers of McDonald's in Brazil, although some first timers cannot get past the candy-like banana scent.

7. Canada - Poutine

Poutine originated from the rural areas of Quebec in the late 1950s. In the basic recipe for poutine, fries are covered with fresh cheese curds and topped with brown gravy. These cheese curds give a specific texture and are known for their "squeaky" properties. The gravy is made of light and thin slices of chicken, turkey, or veal that is salted and spiced with pepper. The gravy is made thin to spread quickly in between the fries and cheese curds. For a perfect texture on the fries, the gravy and cheese curds are added right before serving. The temperature is carefully considered not to completely melt the cheese curds.

6. Germany - McCurrywurst

Currywurst is a popular food in Germany that consists of a type of sausage that is both steamed and then fried before being served with curry ketchup. It is usually served with French fries. In 2013, McDonald's rolled out their own variation of currywurst that was made to be available for a limited time, called McCurrywurst.

5. Belgium - Croque McDo

The Croque McDo is referencing a traditional Belgian snack known as the croque-monsieur, a type of sandwich comprised of baked or fried ham and cheese between toasted bread slices.The bread slices are topped with grated cheese that is salted with mild pepper. It can be baked in an oven or fried in a pan. It can be served with fried eggs, cherry tomatoes, cookies, fries, or cantaloupe. Intended to be a breakfast sandwich, it can also be found in France.

4. Japan - Teriyaki McBurger

The "Teriyaki McBurger" is a choice on McDonald's menus across Japan. It consists of a juicy pork patty with ginger and garlic flavored teriyaki sauce, fresh lettuce, served on a bun. In preparation, the fish, squid or meatballs are broiled or grilled and coated with hot soy sauce and sugar several times throughout its preparation. Sometimes the chef may add ginger or some fresh onions when serving.

3. India - Veg Maharaja Mac

Originally, the Maharaja Mac featured a patty made of meat. Due to its demand by vegetarians, the "Veg Maharaja Mac" was introduced and became a big hit among vegetarian consumers in India. It is a delicious blend of double burgers with small cheese slices, jalapenos, and crunchy onions. These are placed on a lettuce burger with cheese and corn. Some coatings, such as striking sauce, can be added on top. Depending on customer wishes, extra fresh tomatoes or onions can also be included.

2. Hong Kong - Shrimp Burger

In Hong Kong, seafood is very popular. The shrimp burger is a burger made of shrimp that is high in calcium, iodine, and proteins. The shrimp burger’s ingredients include breadcrumbs, lemon juice, salt, garlic, pepper, egg, scallions, oil, mayonnaise, avocado slices, lettuce, and tomatoes for topping. The shrimp is chopped into two, and one half is pulsed until it is smooth. Both the half and smooth shrimps are dipped in breadcrumbs, lemon juice, salt, garlic, scallions, and egg mixture. Upon serving, mayonnaise is spread on the buns, and the burger is topped with avocado, lettuce and tomato slices.

1. Egypt - McFalafel

Falafel is an ancient Middle Eastern food adopted by McDonald's for sale in the Middle Eastern market in 2001. McFalafel consists of deep-fried balls made from ground fava beans. The inside may contain different types of green vegetables. Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and sauce can be added during serving. It can be served alone as a meal, as a snack, or even as an appetizer.


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